MLD needs some tuning.

After playing arenas for a long time today ive noticed how unfair it is to play against mage lock druid comps both resto mld and moonkin mld.

They just did a fear,sheep,cyclone rotation with Death coil after our druid trinketed to try to insta heal us.

My solution is that if mages are to keep the amount of roots they have they should have Polymorph share DR with Cyclone.

Polymorph makes cycloning way to comfortable since the target doesnt move randomly like fear.

Other than MLD i havent seen much mage druid comps which is pretty similar to how locks dont play with priests since their fears share DR.

How did I know before I opened this thread it was going to be a melee cleaver complaining -.-
02/03/2011 6:41 PMPosted by Mallaaew
How did I know before I opened this thread it was going to be a melee cleaver complaining -.-

bet his main is a mage druid or a lock.
i don't play resto sham dk feral btw. i play enh unholy resto druid. and the fact that we're a melee team doesnt make it fair for my healer to be out of the game 24/7. its unfair for every other comp out there too
needs more grounding and tremor
02/03/2011 8:06 PMPosted by Meekaa
turbo cleave.......complaining about casters.......
RIFT RIFT RIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave WoW and its unbalanced "Arenas".

World PvP > Arenas
the people saying im complaining about this comp just cuz we are a melee cleave need to stop. i also played a resto shammy last season as rls,shadowplay and moonkin lock shammy. mld was still out of control the past season but they needed to play better than they do now.
You play DK/Feral/Resto shaman...
i don't understand what my comp (even though i play enh dk resto druid has to do with MLD's control what if i played blood dk holy priest combat rogue? would the argument still be MELEECLEAVE LUUL?
The fact that you can cyclone or zerg the mage to prevent 95% of their cc
tremor totem to prevent feared (OMG U CAN LAY IT MORE THAN ONCE???)
Or even pillar cc.
why cuz they are casters? why are melees so much retarded than casters? try to stun something with your pet when a mage farts all over the room and freezes you. enh's shock only interrupts for 2 secs and grounding has a 15 sec cooldown. tremor has like 5 health and can be knocked down with a sneeze while the lock fears and if i blow ams to get on the mage imma get blown the hell up as soon as it end in unavoidable cc. if casters were immovable objects that i could stick to the whole arena you may have a point but currently that's not the case.

The only comp that has this much Crowd control is MLD. RLS,RPS,RMP,WLD,TSG,ENHWARPAL,KITTYCLEAVE and Shadowcleave are all manageable by playing good position and coordinated kills, and admittedly spamming damage into something but isnt that what everybody does anyways? casters don't wave some magic wand of skill that makes CC any different than a melee that knows how to stay on a target. It's our way to get kills just like yours is Crowd control.

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