Best Professions for Resto Shaman

I’m toying with the idea of switching out mining for a crafting profession. I already have jewelcrafting and it’s treated me pretty nicely but what are some other professions that a healer shaman could benefit from? Inscription seemed interesting but it looks like a lot of the higher level spirit stuff is comprised of off-hand items. Would alchemy or engineering be more appropriate?
Since the LW purples are laughable, gear is pretty much irrelevant. Scribes don't make shields, smiths do. Right now LW still comes out ahead, and will continue to, thanks to the bracer enchant that doesn't make you use maelstrom crystals.
Tailoring if you're poor or have problems with mana regeneration (darkglow = 800mana/cast 15% chance. Will be spirit next patch) or appreciate free epic spellthreads and +sp (+int in 4.6?) for your cloak as either caster spec.
Engi is still BIS with JC for shamans.
Alchemy trinkets are okay, so is mixology, but not better IMO than your other options

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