Lava Lash Macro Help

Need help making a macro for when I am dual-wielding one handed weapons with my main hand better than my off-hand.
I would like the macro to switch my main and off hand weapons, cast Lava Lash, then switch my weapons back.
This won't work as a macro. When you switch weapons in combat, you invoke a GCD, which stops any additional commands that a macro might run. What you could do is get an addon or find a macro to switch your weapons, and then use the LL spell as you normally would. However, because of the GCD delay, I have a feeling you won't want to do this. If this were actually a practical method for LL, you'd see it in every sticky.

In any case, 99% of the time this will result in a DPS loss. The small damage gain from having a slightly better weapon in the OH will be completely offset by the loss of damage during the 2 GCD's it will cost to switch your weapons twice.

Also, little sense in starting this when WF/FT will be the best setup come patch time.
just keep your higher damage weapon in your offhand, lava lash is typically the 2nd-3rd most damaging ability over the course of a raid fight.
having a Caster MH with FT/FT is higher dps atm anyways...
Yes, it might be, but it won't be when 4.0.6 hits to the two changes, so we might as well be thinking about the future.
Oh, I didn't realise switching weapons triggered a GCD.

Damn, I guess I'm not smarter than every other shaman on the forums.

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