Can't change Armory Pose

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And he were are in January *sniffle*

this should be fixed soon.
Some poses are really wrong! You can't even see what's going on, this is indeed a serious issue... please do something about it =(
Blizzard forever broken
This would be nice to have back especially since we have transmog now.

Only a few more weeks until it makes one year!
Pretty pretty please Blizz? Finally finished my shammies xmog set and the armory stance does not show it off at all. Not only is the face of the shield completely hidden from view, but I also cannot decide whether she looks more like she has given up on all life, or she is busting for a leak :P

Also, when my pally is in her Saltstone set, the 'caster' type stance she is put in looks highly inappropriate!
I'm also tired of pointing. Where are my weapons?
ugh i cant see ANYTHING
Two more days. WTB poses!
Yes, my sweet little DK looks like she just flatulated in a very loud and smelly way. It's just plain embarassing!
I really do hope that they fix/implement this. I can't even fathom why my characters looks as ridiculous as she does on the armory--and wtf is up with the expression on her face? D: It looks like she's constipated and about to shoot someone because of it.
12/26/2011 09:36 PMPosted by Nerdlington
It doesn't even show caster staves which are half the fun of transmogging
They need to get half like eps 3 out first..wait this isn't valve.
Anything on this? Can it be fix did they remove letting us pick what toon we can use on the forums? something would be nice to know.
new poses would be nice, but updated gear would be even better.

Bumping for great justice
I have been perpetually calling some invisible baseball player safe at home plate for over a year now. Please bring back 3D blizz, I hate baseball.
I can't stand my pose, it looks like im about to run a 100m dash..

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