Can't change Armory Pose

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I want the poses back also!
WTB blue post here :/ i wanna move my character :/
I think the blood elf caster default pose is simply awful..
I'm desperate for a new pose, as well. I can't decide if my druid has her eyes closed because she's scared, and like a little kid she's pretending she's not there...or if she's ready to take on the world, and she's closed her eyes to give her opponent a fighting chance. Either way...not pretty.

Please my poor tauren to see again...
TY for the link Omega....and TY Blizz for the infamous "soon".
Hurry it up blizz. it's been forever and a day now
Why on earth would they remove this in the first place? I want to change my pose..
I'm not to fond of looking like I'm frozen stiff.
i look like i have a stick up my anal cavity
02/28/2012 04:29 PMPosted by Erinyes
I think the blood elf caster default pose is simply awful..

Karate CHOP!
Do it, plz.
bump for lame armory poses.
Yeah! Sweet pose Yzzami! >_<
Classic.. my warlock is the same way :(
why remove this thing, so damn annoying.
I can't even see my face - bump
I want a differente pose to show my awesome transmog ;-)
I can't stand my pose either, it's terrible. >:/ Please fix!! :(

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