Blood DK's in Arena PvP?

Death Knight
are they viable at all, how do they do?
a friend of mine says the 2 class/spec he has most trouble with is ice mage and blood dk's.
any comments?
No. They are not viable, have never been viable, will never be viable.
blood dks have terrible mobility and will be cced and ignored while they focus on your partner so no its not a good spec for arenas.
It depends on just how serious you are about Arena. If you are quite serious about it, then no, you don't want to do it as a Blood DK. If you are just looking for a bit of fun, then doing arenas as a blood DK is okay.

I mess around in arenas as a Blood DK in 2v2 with a shaman healer.

Crowd control is indeed a major problem. A druid can really lock down a Blood DK by just spamming roots on us at the moment.

On the other hand, we are very hard to kill. The fights tend to reduce down to whether the other team can kill my resto shaman partner before I kill one of them.

Be aware however that as a Blood DK (especially with a healer), a number of fights will simply be attrition fights and some fights may essentially end up as a draw. Last week for instance we ran into a series of such battles. In 2v2, we had two 20 minute battles, one 15 minute battle and one 14 minute battle. We won one of the 20 minute battles by the other team simply giving up by grouping together, ending their attacks on us, ending their heals, and just letting us whack on them until death.
blood DK+ pally/priest double heal for 3s would be funny to see
02/03/2011 9:02 AMPosted by Nitonic
blood DK+ pally/priest double heal for 3s would be funny to see

this might work because there goes your mobility issue :). freedom + lifegrip + deathgrip will get anyone anywhere at anytime.
02/03/2011 10:01 AMPosted by Xcorsair
blood DK+ pally/priest double heal for 3s would be funny to see

this might work because there goes your mobility issue :). freedom + lifegrip + deathgrip will get anyone anywhere at anytime.

Aside from the possible viability of this combo blood dks in arenas use annoyance damage. After 5-10 mins of beating on the dk not getting anywhere the other team tends to bail just to get on with matches.

Good fun really.
My silly CP Capping 2's team is pretty terrible, but in my blood spec + gear (132k hp at the time) managed me soloing a team of Holy pally + Arms warrior for 13 minutes straight before i finally said ##** it and let myself die... so i'd say good if you know how to self heal, bad if you don't.
The only comp in 2s that I think blood would be doable would be a double blood dk team or with a prot pally.
02/03/2011 10:17 AMPosted by Bakerybread
blood DK+ pally/priest double heal for 3s would be funny to see

No... Just No...

Don't do this.

Everyone will hate you for this. You will win matches by boring your opponents to death.
Tried it for laughs with an arms warrior. Interestingly enough we killed a dual frost mage team. Says more about them than the spec, though. The rest of the games I just ended up staying alive for 10 min after my partner had died. So yeah, boring your opponents, without the death part.
I run 2s as Blood with a Prot Paladin partner. It is challenging, but not as horrible as everyone imagines it to be. So far we've been cruising along, we'll see what happens when we hit the 1800+ bracket. If anything, the problem comes up of the Prot Paladin being too easy to kill these days, whereas in times of olde their self-healing wasn't nearly as neutered.

I did this spec for a few reasons. First is I can never really make friends with a competitive PVP healer. Second is, my friend and I always wanted to do double prot as 2s back in Wrath. We already were doing Unholy/Ret, which as you can imagine was horribly difficult, but he found he liked Prot PVP more and I wished I could have that same amount of survivability and damage. Now it's like they took it from him and gave it to me in a few ways. The third reason for doing this spec is because I imagine is Blood's unexpectedly powerful self healing. It's an element of surprise for a lot of teams we go up against, since the same tactics that kill Frost or Unholy will not always work on Blood. This is especially true of teams with melee DPS/double DPS. Rogue/Mage teams get squashed.

As for the CC/getting kited issue, that really only comes up against two comps, which is Hunter/Resto Druid and Warlock/Resto Druid. Everyone else so far gets rolled. Eventually.

Also, Blood's getting a DPS boost in 4.0.6 I believe. My goal is to hit at least 2k as Blood, and I think that's very achievable with the progress we've made so far.

We might even be higher than we are now if it my partner's connection didn't boot him out of two games in a row one week. That's always fun.
theres a wall your gonna hit when you stop playing window lickers and your lack of mobility is going to get you killed. the extra damage your getting is nice but it doesnt fix the same problems blood has now
I play with a rogue in 2v2 and were not that high yet but we both heal ourselves a ton. if they focus on him i CoI them and he runs away and stealths/ heals up while i take the dmg. we are doing incredibly well for my first time doing arena as a DK.

with unholy command and icy reach i don't really have that much trouble getting CCd. i have solo'd a pair of rouges before and almost solod a warrior+rogue.

what are other good combos? weak combos?

only other one i have tried was with a ele shammy and that was terrible. I don't like the idea of pairing up with a healer i just don't do enough burst dps to take out a healer by myself, but another blood dk might be a great combo.
this needed to be necroed why?

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