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It's naturally more appealing and the only way to counteract this is to make DPS play a bigger part in team dynamics... Which is exactly what Cataclysm is doing.

It's trying to, at any rate. I don't think it's succeeding to the level that either Blizz or some players might prefer.

A big part of the discussion on the healing forums right now is how the attempts to make what the DPS do more important ends up just shifting more responsibility onto the healers and tanks. This is, again, mostly for social reasons. It would work beautifully if more players actually played the game the way the current model demands.

The DPSers who get it and do what needs done this expansion are a joy to heal for (and I imagine tank for, I haven't tanked yet this expansion). But many groups still won't CC or interrupt and get pissed at a healer or tank who might need it. In some cases, a healer or tank gets pissed at the other role for needing it. Those of us who have already geared our tanks/healers have an easier time with this than those trying to get into those roles now.

Blizzard can't fix players' bad attitudes.
nothing is broken. the mjority of users like the game and the LFD tool. The minority that is qq on the forums does not make up the majority of the player base.

Again, 45 min queues=broken.

Failing to use the myriad other options available to you find a group and then complaining about it is what is really fail.
There's always going to be more dps. There is a less overall need for tanks and healers in raids, five mans, and pvp. The majority of the raid/party slots are intended for dps, thus there will always be more dps.

The "healing issue" caused many healers to roll dps, which added to the pool.
Healers who aren't desired in raids (some resto shaman for example) have rolled dps.
Tanks who become frustrated from pug dungeon drama don't queue or do as dps.
Healers dealing with the new way of doing things and don't like being the blame in pugs or being kicked only go in as dps.

I'm not sure what the solution is, but then again this isn't my multimillion dollar company. I don't have a team of paid experts to figure it out as Blizzard does. Since it became worse with the implementation of Cataclysm I'm sure that the underlying cause began there. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out a solution.
No one is saying, "This is it, take it or leave it", we're simply saying, "This is our intention. Here's how we designed this to work/play out. Try it out and let us know how it goes."

I honestly think people are mostly upset because the intentions keep changing. How many design philosophies do we have to go through before we get one that gets built upon instead of thrown out the window? Pick one and work with it please.

What I've seen over the years:

Its too hard and not accessible enough.
Its a little easier and even less accessible.
Its too easy and too accessible.
Its hard again because we changed our minds and we'll take some of that accessibility away as well.
ITT: paladin with no friends demonstrates why no one wants to be his friend
Can they do something about it? Yes. Would it please everyone? Never.

They changed the role mechanics so they are somewhat more challenging plus harder heroics 5 mans. While some figths were buggy and needed a tune up (which they are getting), they are also great ways to learn better your class, improve teamwork and perfomance and prepare to raiding.

Was this asked of them again and again? Yes. Is the majority of players ready for it? No.

Too many got used to wtlk 5 mans milk runs that they outgeared badly. Too many players who run away from heals and tank positions because it was harder.

I do agree that tanks and heal should get a small extra stimulant for filling that role to in LFD ( Valor,Craft material, gold?). But Blizz should be wary of it so players wont abuse it.

Why wasn't this taken into account when Cata was designed?? "Hey, we have a LOT more DPS than we do tank/heals. We should prob tune Cata with this in mind."

They did. Just...badly.

They intended to shift responsibility in the group around some. Instead, players dumped that new responsibility in the same places they've always dumped it. And in the end, it just leaves tanks and healers pissed both at Blizzard for not seeing this coming, and at their fellow player.
@Vandalar: Your quote: "The LFD tool is currently unacceptable with 45 minute queue times. Saying "more people need to play tanks" is not a solution. I don't know what the solution is, but it's Blizzards JOB to come up with some kind of solution, not just say "Sorry, customer, suck it up!""

Okay then, here's another customer telling you this: Suck it up.

If sooooo many of you kiddos wouldn't decide to be "Lazer pewpew" dps players, perhaps the queue times would be lower.

I think you are either ignoring, forgetting or not considering RAW math here...doesn't matter how big (or small) you make the group going into a dungeon, there's always LESS tanks and healers needed than DPS.

You can %!@*% about the fact that transplant recipients waiting for a kidney do much better, since there's more kidneys out there to use...YOU would be the one moron DEMANDING that the hospital change policies, simply because you needed a heart instead and had to wait.

So - as another satisfied and paying Blizzard customer - I SAY SUCK IT UP, PALLY.

@Nethaera - Your position on these matters should be simple: Issues are known, goals have been set and developers are on the case.
We all joke how the "trademark" Blizzard response of "Soon" is used by the Blue posters, but in reality its the best you guys can do.
Customers of McDonald's don't call the corporate offices asking when the next version of the McRibb is coming back - and if they do - the nice little secretary will say "Soon" or giggle and hang up on the idiot...

I wonder - do all you people who demand to be heard because you pay $15 a month act the same, pissy, immature way at...say a movie theater? Thats 15 bucks too, but I don't see you geeky teens outside the manager's office every day asking questions and complaining for perfection.

This is a hobby, folks. There are flaws, delays and frustrations. Deal with it and have fun...or SHUT UP and QUIT paying for it.

Or please - go design your own multi-million dollar gaming franchise and fix it yourself.
Business is run by Trying not to die. Blizzard is far from dying so the urgency is not so great....
02/03/2011 9:36 AMPosted by Daeladüs
ITT: paladin with no friends demonstrates why no one wants to be his friend
I read the first post and frankly, my good sir. There is no way blizzard can change the ques to be 45 min ques for dps, although they did cause the problem by forcing progression to be slower because of tanking and healing, in other words it's an artificial progression block.

In wrath healing was way to easy because mana was not a problem, and tanking was just an aoe-fest. Now they forced healers to have healing spells only hit for atleast less than 25%, increased the mana by more than 50% and increased health by way too much in my opinion. My heal spell heals for 7k in pre raiding gear, 7k out of a tank with 140k+ is rediculous; why would a healer have to stress themselves so much because their spells are artifically penalized i.e heal per mana being out of wack, and why would a tank put themselves in risk of a heart attack from the dps that rolled healers in wrath for the free epics and completely suck when triage is a must.

All in all, Blizzard brought this on themselves by making healers and tanks have the hardest jobs and hell even let cata go live with BROKEN TALENTS. The reason why dps have a long que is because all they have to do is sit there and hit 1234544444123454444(yes that's a destro locks rotation).

TL;DR: Blizzard made tanking/healing a full-time welding job supplying the torch, helmet, and a limited supply of fuel to make us -less spamy-; only to find out blizzard gave the DPS a full-time job making twice as much sitting inside a nice comfy office turning the tank/healers fuel on and off just laughing.

Don't lie, dps is EASY! Seriously, if I had a gold everytime I heard a dps say they were high/drunk/watching tv, as an excuse to sucking, I would reach the gold cap 10x over.

*Please refrain from inciting flames or posting inflamatory language toward others. Edited out some harassing language.-Nethaera
its just like having to wait to see a doctor, only it takes hours away not days or weeks.

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