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They should decrease currency that players get while queue as dps when they can be a healer or tank (ex shadow priest, arms warrior.. so on)
all class should be able to tank a 5 man i dont know make the mage have a frost magic shield that increase threat the warlock a demon magic shield that make them able to tank or make a pet that can tank very well and same for hunter i dont know there is a way to solve it and blizzard should do it but hell why would they do anything.... we all pay our fee anyway
could make a LFD buff and any class could go tank a buff that decrease damage taken by 50% increase threat generation by 100% and hp by 25% and immue to interupt so any class could tank and just keep their spell rotation and it would be like dpsing but with a short queue
You're being cut in line by people paying tanks to instant queue them then the tank just leaves.
You're also being cut by guildies instant queing their guild members, then also leaving.
There seem to be many solutions and many complaints to the issue of, "Long LFG Queue Times", though I'm sure quite alot of people will see a problem with this, I would like too propose somewhat of a solution. Blizzard should allow shamans to tank, my main is a resto shaman, I love support classes and would love to tank, shamans are already setup for it right now. They have buffing totems, rockbiter, shamanistic rage, armor buff totem, etc. The largest contribution to a long LFG queue time seems to be the shortage of tanks...oh and did I mention shamans wear mail? Adding tank mail will also help the fight for gear with 'three' plate wearing tanks in the game. Well then how helpful would it be to have more tank options, with as many shamans out there it should be a successful fix. Understanding that there are always unforseen balancing issues and this solution may not disolve the LFG queue wait times, does anyone else find this a valid solution? Come on Blizzard, especially in the current expansion(Shamans being key figures in saving Azeroth), consider this change! Thank you.
I strongly advocate, for those of you who seek to offer ideas and suggestions for the system, to look at things always in terms of incentive rather than disincentive.

Penalty to those who queue as a DPS when they could queue as a healer or tank? That's a disincentive. That's not going to encourage people to use the tool.
Bonus XP tokens to those who queue as tanks and healers that they can give to their alts? That's an incentive. That encourages people to use the tool.

Try and think of positive, additional changes, things you can do to augment that don't involve changing talents or classes.

(Also, as selfish a suggestion as it might be, I really wouldn't mind if Enhancement was made into a hybrid damage/tank spec like Feral Combat.)
02/03/2011 9:19 AMPosted by Riff
the LFD is an option, not a requirement, don't want to wait, try the old fashioned way that has been the way most dungeon groups have been formed way before the LFD was around.

I miss the old fashioned way. The LFD tool ruined the social aspect of the game.
The real question is why aren't there enough tanks and healers. The answer is simple because people (DPS) always blame the tank or healer when they wipe. Granted ther are times that the tank and healer go into dungeon that they are under geared for and that don't work. But so do DPS. Very seldom do you hear its the DPS's fault it is usually the tank that is given down the road or healer and gets the boot. so instead of putting up with that they switch to DPS, and as result you have fewer tanks and heals. When running with a guild it is better cause they know you are trying your best and have patience and they also realize it is not always the tank or healers fault but they also will work with the tank and healer so they can get the gear they need to do the instance. So have patience with the tanks and healers and gie them some support not just the boot. Maybe they don't know the fight tell them and work with them and give the healer time to mana up, don't just try to run through the instance like we did in ICC.
You're being cut in line by people paying tanks to instant queue them then the tank just leaves.
You're also being cut by guildies instant queing their guild members, then also leaving.
Solution would be a bigger penalty for anyone leaving as soon as the dungeon starts (eg 24 hour cooldown) but then players will just queue their friends, alt-tab afk and wait for the extra-penalty-period to end, then drop.
Mistical you of course are assuming everybody who does heroics raids, and aims to raids in 25 mans.

Your whole theory falls apart once you realize that not everybody is playing the game to raid, thus the different ratios of different roles at different levels is irrelevant

i agree to some extant however
A: thats only 1/2 of my theory
B: it would be a benifite to guilds trying to gear 25+ effecently (the end result being 100% of the people getting geared are the ones that will be raiding in that team/guild)

i know not everyone wants/can do raids but you have to agree most will be doing heroics.
All of this talk about increasing group sizes...
40mans were ruled out for a reason. Just saying.
Bigger isn't always better in a group situation.
Let's say they did do the 6-7 man group size I've seen a lot. That's 4-5 dps per group. Now, knowing that DPS wait times have been decreased, I'm more likely to hop off of my tank and on to my DPS toon knowing that lines are shorter.
That decreases the tank line by one, and increases the dps line by one.
That's just one small example of ways it could fail.

Edited for spelling.

i disagree because what happens after you switch to your dps Q-times get longer(asuming that others do this as well) then back they go. eventually it would end up slightly less Q-times, but an overall benifite.

as for "40 mans where ruled out for a reason". my theory from earlier is a 35man (based on 5 7mans) you could easily make this a 28man.
but i dont see a way the 14man could change :(
How to fix 40 minute Queues:

Step 1: Tank

There we go, a guide to getting instant queues from blizzard.

Hope I was of service.
Have a great day,
What options???

Sitting in trade for 45 mins spamming that you want to find a tank/heals for random heroic??

Getting into a guild where one of the few tanks announces that he is running a heroic and 7 DPS immediately say they want to go?

Yeah... MUCH better.

Soooo...... they try to fix time it took to get into an instance in the middle of wrath by creating the LFG tool and now you complain that it takes too long and that the only other option is to go back to the way it was for the rest of the time wow was out?

How about trying to come up with some constructive information about the so called "problem" that you seem to think there is some easy fix for, instead of complaining about how someone else should magic an answer out of the air that you cant come up with.
One Dwarf helping with que times right here.
DPSing is simply more fun. It's less responsibility and more kick ass. It's also just easier. Back a while ago when healing was more straightforward you could make the case that some roles were more challenging then healing. But right now straight up healing is simply more difficult then DPSing.

So you want the good role - well you have to wait. There are trade offs in life. Sure Blizzard could 'fix' the problem. But the way it works out now is fine IMHO.

Blizzard could for example implement NPC tanks and healers. Would this "solve' the queue times - sure. It's not really a good idea though.
You want easier queue times as a pally, go tank or stfu.
Its that simple.
so how can blizz fix it..? dont just rage on the matter give a fix to,I dont think its ther prob,they did a nice thing putting it in game for us,should it be removed and we can all go back to standing around waiting 4hrs not 45 min...? well?
now that EVERYONE has to do heroics the devs have to dance around and figure out how to make them hard enough for the 21 year old college student up all night buzzing on energy drinks who needs a challenge but easy for his aunt ethel with a bit of arthrits in her fingers to finish so she can get her gear for raiding.


let aunt ethel get her gear on in the regular dungeons like she used to be able to do and you wont see her in heroics slowing you down.

Well even aunt ethel needs something fun to do in the game. There aren't enough regulars and the rewards are arse, even with the more JP 85 regulars rewards blow. Rewards shouldn't be the same as quest rewards. Now BLIZZARD decided they want everyone in heroics so they didn't have to worry about creating content for everyone. So be it. But if they aren't going to create content for everybody the content that they do provide needs to be accessible to, yes aunt ethil. People gearing for rewards aren't going to be challenged by heroic content anyway once they gear up, they can get their challenge on in the raids. Every heroic boss doesn't need to be a wrath raid boss. One hard boss per heroic is good enough.
I think how blizzard has made dps have more responsiblities, like cc ing, interupting nasty stuff, and moving out of fire and other instant death stuff is a step in the right direction...peeps gravitated towards dps in the past because it was easymode. making the job harder will push more people towards tanking and healing, since if all jobs are equally hard, all jobs will be equally filled...making less wait time.

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