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no thats not what this genius is saying. hes actually saying 'man i gots a real good jobs k since 20% america dont works lololz' hes also trying to say 'if my company made 5 levers and 3 of those levers made it easy to work all the time, and one of them was cool most of the time, but the other was super hard to work, and all our customers had to pull one of the 5 at the same time, well we would make sure the super duper hard to pull lever...'' well actually i lost him. its harder to tank i have a tank i dont tank untill im overgeared easy as that. props to real tanks.
Cross faction LFD .... that would fix the que times (ty ty i take all the credit)
If tanking or healing were actualy fun to do in LFD than players like myself may still do it.

Personaly I rolled all said characters over to dps because tanking / healing is just not fun for me anymore
The solution is simple.
Remove all trash, put bosses back to back ala ToC(s).
Then tanks will only be busy for 10 minutes at a time!

jk, then people would complain about:
Lack of rep;
Lack of easy greens;
Lack of embersilk;
Lack of random boe epics;
Lack of blues;


This isn't a problem on Blizzard's end. If 7/10 shamans want to go ele/enh, 8/10 druids go kittycat/boomkin, 4/10 paladins go ret & 7/10 warriors & dks go dps they can't do anything about it. Blame the people that want to mindlessly faceroll their way through it.

Personally my mains of the last two expansions have been priest/druid/paladin, and every time I've ended up going tank or healer, because even though it wasn't my intentions it was the best for the people I played with and myself.
02/05/2011 6:35 PMPosted by Lifeo%@!onie
I miss the old fashioned way. The LFD tool ruined the social aspect of the game.

^ This, too.
It's the same problem with random battlegroups.
How many people do you see in Orgrimmar or Ironforge that you actually recognise these days?
You're definitely right! There should be some sort of resolution and I think I've found it.

All hybrids will now be assigned a role to play in randoms in order to optimize queues. Your participation is also mandatory for X amount of hours per week. You'll get your schedule within the week.

Make the dungeons similar to how bgs are now. Try and keep them under 25 minute completion time. They can still be hard but if your group runs the instance correctly it should be done in 25 min or less.
The OP several pages back kept complaining that everyone is "defending" the 45 minute Queue times...

Explain why this is such a terrible thing really? I am not sure I get that point. You can be LEVELING in between while you wait, or working on professions to earn gold, and many other things. If you're a max level and you're having a tough time with getting into groups for dungeons as DPS, There are solutions available to YOU instead of wasting hours on the forums whining and complaining. Take the initiative and go and meet some people who are tired of the same issues. See if you can find a guild or friend group and regularly queue up together. It's not only Blizzard with issues, it's lazy players.

Cataclysm brought a lot of changes to classes, and roles and the mechanics of how they function together and in an instance. Everyone is still re-learning these things only 2 months from release. Patience and tolerance and manners are going to be required.

There was a post way back from a healer who said why should she bother to randomly queue when she's treated like crap by the people she plays with. This has a VERY valid point to it. I have healed many times, and while healers are slightly more plentiful than tanks at the moment, we are still getting much shorter queue times... I don't WANT to heal for really nasty players who point fingers, refuse to learn, refuse to take responsibility, and have ZERO patience for a single death in the learning experience. When I get fed up with those types, I go and run with my guild also, thus depleting not only the healing pool for randoms, but also depriving them of yet another tank that would likely be in the pool.

Guilds were a focus in this expansion for a reason. I don't think Blizz WANTS you to be entirely dependent on the LFD tool to run dungeons, and I think they really wanted you to work together as a guild, grow together as a guild, and create teamwork. I remember when the LFD wasn't even a concept and it was so much harder to find a group, and actually GO to the dungeon yourself. I think the LFD even with 45 min or 1 hour queue times is so much better than it was before.

In a random group I can usually tell who the raiders are - the ones less likely to throw a fit and leave the group or toss out expletives when a death or a wipe occurs. I get so tired of those that don't finish dungeons because.. OMG they died! This means the group goes back into queue looking for yet another group member, again slowing down queues for new groups. Have a little more patience, and tolerance and manners with your fellow players!

There are way too many angry and demanding and impatient people playing this game who need to sit back, relax a little, remember it's a game, and choose to be polite.
Cross faction LFD .... that would fix the que times (ty ty i take all the credit)

I approve.
Cross faction LFD .... that would fix the que times (ty ty i take all the credit)

so lets say you have

500 dps
100 tanks
200 healers.

500 dps
100 tanks
200 healers.

combine them together, you now have

1000 dps
200 tanks
400 healers.

so, queue times remain unchanged.
NPC tank! has the item level average of the group. I would tank if i had the gear for it but i don't so i am stuck doing normals and the guild heroic to gear up for it. soo i sit in q for 40min. by the time i can tank i will be burnt out.

What a load of rubbish.

Check my toon out (4th 85 on this account so far, DK and Pally tanks as well)

Look at when I hit 85 then the achivement dates on the Cata heroics.

Don't be lazy.
I apologize if this post is too long.

Long DPS queue times are the culmination of a number of in game features added in Cataclysm.

In wrath you saw shorter queue times for very specific reasons. In short, players were able to purchase gear that far out leveled heroics making them brain dead easy to complete. In fact this was so much the case that by the end of WOTLK I was tanking heroics as fury.

A few other factors from wotlk were badge/JP dumps... players were able to purchase profitable items for a reasonable amount of badges and used the LFD system as a way to make some gold... couple this with the steam roll factor of out gearing heroics and you have a lot of players joining LFD to complete heroics in 15 minutes. Keep in mind too, the incentive of buying tier gear with badges also played a good part in queue times.

Now with the launch of Cataclysm, Blizzard added several great features to the game... but they have some draw backs.

The new guild system is quite honestly the biggest reason why queue times are higher, but it's only part of the issue. Currently, guilds are still leveling and clearing new raid content and because of this the number of tanks and players in general using the LFD system has dropped. There is no benefit to using the LFD currently, no guild rep is gained, no guild xp is gained... so if you want your guild to level it's guild runs or bust.

The other Cataclysm factor at play, is the lack of a real JP dump... Even the changes currently on the PTR won't truly have an affect on queue times. Although having an option at all is nice, the prices are some what over inflated and won't generate enough incentive for repeat queuing.

Lastly is heroic difficulty, heroics are currently tuned to a nice challenging level and although I personally have no issues with them at all... not every player is created equal. A lot of tanks and healers are discouraged from queuing because at lower item levels heroics are quite stressful for both. Pair this up with players who maybe haven't fully grasped their class mechanics and you have an ensuing headache that might last two hours and maybe end with you getting some gear or JP... or a waste of waiting 40 mins as dps.

Now blizzard has addressed these issues to some degree, currently on the PTR you are able to gain guild rep with three players now and heroics have begun retuning. This should help alleviate queue times a little bit since it now frees players from guild only runs and the lower difficulty allows for a less then stressful run. They have also added a JP dump for those at the cap.

I think Blizzard should take a good hard look at how guild rep and experience are earned, maybe consider the Idea of adding a guild tabbard for use by players not in an all guild run? Add updated BOA gear or gems. Like I said, the main issues here are guild leveling and the lack of incentive for doing things outside of a guild. Counter those and I think queue times could be fixed.

Well in my mind, it's not just the lack of tanks that is the problem, but the situation where you are queued for over 35 minutes as a dps and you finally get in, only to have the group wipe repeatedly and fail after an hour and a half and finally just disband entirely. Two hours to get your daily heroic done, and you end up flopping and have to re- queue for another 35-40 minutes.

I imagine that a lot of people just simply do not have the time.

Currently I am seeing a trend on my server that some tanks are selling instant queues for a premium, which I think more tanks should actively take up.
Either that or blizzard may just have to give additional incentives to tanks and healers who choose or must use LFD tool instead of just going with their friends.

And to the dps who say that tanking is harder than dps, that simply just isn't true. If you believe so, then your dps is ultimately sub-par, or you play one who doesn't CC anything. I have played tank dps and healer for the last 3 expansions to a high level of play, and i can honestly say that in most environments pulling top dps while avoiding things you are supposed to avoid (especially in raids), is much more difficult than tanking a boss when you don't actually have to worry about threat much.
Heroics i would say they are even on difficulty, maybe tanking is slightly harder. however tanking in heroics is ten times more stressful when your dps simply do not have a clue and flop around like fish on a boat deck, doing as they please.
02/06/2011 12:55 AMPosted by Devirgme
I think how blizzard has made dps have more responsiblities, like cc ing, interupting nasty stuff, and moving out of fire and other instant death stuff is a step in the right direction...peeps gravitated towards dps in the past because it was easymode. making the job harder will push more people towards tanking and healing, since if all jobs are equally hard, all jobs will be equally filled...making less wait time.

LMAO. CC is so not a DPS responsiblity. Tanks are the ones who have to keep track of everything, all DPS have to do is use an ability on the marked guy once at the beginning of a fight.... Seriously how hard is that. Tanks have to position so that CC targets aren't AoEed know which targets should be CCed, know which classes can CC which mobs and at what range. CC adds additional stress to tanks and does jack squat to make the DPS job any harder. Giving more crap for tanks to keep track of is just one more reason it is a pain in the arse to tank and one more reason que times go up. CC adds nothing interesting to the game, lose it.

Maybe that would make sense if something was broken here. Nothing is broken.

Perhaps you don't know how these queues work, but a group is a tank, a healer, and 3 dps. There are more dps that play this game than anything else, and less healers, and even less tanks. THEREFORE, it takes more time to find tanks and healers. NOTHING IS BROKEN. It's the way it works. It's the only way it can work. There is no "solution" besides more people playing tanks and healers. There is nothing to be done. It's a "problem" that is entirely based upon the community. This is not laziness on Blizzard's end. There is nothing to fix. Nothing is broken. QQ somewhere else.
Personally I found WOTLK queues ok, but Cata queues are horrible, I'm not saying its anyones fault but I know so many people who have gone to pvp instead or pve, so it'd be nice if Blizz could pay some more attention to pvp
Cross faction LFD .... that would fix the que times (ty ty i take all the credit)

I approve.

LOL, how would that change anything?

The queue is still limited based on the number of tanks. If both factions on every realm has a 45 min avg, then opening the lfd up to xfaction would change nothing.

Blizzard has no control over the queue times at all. It is an entirely player based issue. The only conceivable thing they could do is make them 6 mans instead. with 4 dps per tank queue times would be somewhat shorter. The only issue is that they would have to retool all the dungeon difficulties.
It's probably been said but the only real "fix" would be to allow anyone to be able to tank no matter the class or spec. Whoever has threat tanks. Yeah... but no...

Honestly, though if you're complaining about 45 minute queue times then you really haven't experienced the horrors that some MMOs have subjected us to over the years. Forty-five minutes is nothing, trust me.
I currently have both a tank and a healer, but no longer play random dungeons except with guild members needing the help.
The current problem in heroics is not tanks/healers, but the lack of any viable loot for them, once a tank ar healer has maxed out his gear in heroics, there is nothing except, a pitiful 70 valor points , worth doing. Helping guild members is about it. I no longer bother queing for randoms, because of the lack of good "random" players. Blizzard has simply found a method to decrease
server use by making the dungeon gue a bad play option.

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