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1st of all.....we need a option for more classes to be a tank (like a talent tree) 2nd of all we need to have the stupid king of SW fight in BG's (JK JK) and 3rd, we need more pancakes (JK JK)
Lol @ ppl who QQ. Back in days there wasn't any DFT. You still can organize your group and enter heroics. DFT is optional you don't have to use it. But it is very nice tool.
02/03/2011 9:13 AMPosted by Vandalar
If it's not broken, don't fix it.

45 min queues for DPS=broken.

Hold on...Your a pally. Get some tank gear and solve your own problem.
Stop being rude to the tanks in LFD and perhaps they won't quit and reroll DPS. Many people are trying to learn to tank, most quit before they ever get a chance to learn.
Obviously the problem is YOU. Blizzard has made MASSIVE improvements to our ability to participate in the "daily heroic (random)" system.

1. Before LFD we had a daily heroic. Either you ran it with guildies, you ran it with friends, or you took a risk and tried to run it with pugs. If your group failed and you got saved to that H instance, you lost your opportunity for your epic heroic badges that day.

2. Blizzard then created cross server LFD tool, replaced a "set" heroic with "random heroic cross server". This massively improved your chances at finishing the daily heroic random dungeon, getting your epic badges, and saving yourself a lot of frustration. Now, even if your group failed at finishing the dungeon, you can re-queue again and again until you completed your goal and received your prize.

3. The very fact that there will always be retarded amounts of dps available to the scant amounts of tanks and healers is a non-issue. What it really is, is that you don't want to suffer for the fact that you did not choose a role that makes this queue time favorable to you personally. It's a good thing you weren't around you had to be revered with "said" faction to run "said" heroic =/ things really have gotten better....you just don't realize it.
I am not liking the long dungeon queue times either. A 45 minute wait wouldn't be bad if you got into a group that actually finishes that entire dungeon. I don't know how many times I/we have had to re-queue because of tanks or healers leaving. So, now we are talking well over an hour wait time. That's ridic! Especially for players that are running the instance for the first time, Tanks, healers leave all the time if they aren't happy with the groups performance. Well know what, the last time I checked that's half of the game is learning how to succeed in dungeons. no matter how many times you die! It's a learning process, and not everyone learns at the same speed as others. It's part of the fun! Sheeesh. All i'm saying is some players need to relax, and have some fun! Enjoy your group, and learn from each other. Items will come! Don't get all mad at others because they makes mistakes. Don't youthink they feel bad enough already...
More classes that can tank will not fix the issue of DPS being abusive and rude. I've watched a 330 geared tank get kicked from a normal because the raiding DPS said he wasn't ready to tank this normal instance. When DPS pulls the wrong group, it's the tanks fault for not pressing the keys for the DPS.

DPS is the #1 reason that there are so few tanks that queue. It's been that way for a long time, but now that the AoE Wrath fest is over and the bad DPS can't CC, the Bad DPS blames the tank and rage kicks.

The people using the LFD have done it to themselves. The people in the LFD need to step up and be better people.

Good tanks don't usually need to pug. They get guild groups and are having fun. If you get a good tank, great, but don't treat him like a gnome on gnome punting day.
If your really that upset about que times, get an active guild and make a group. you get bonus guild rep and everything that way... I play 3 TANKS insta que 24/7. I even take time to help out people and do things with poeple that are just looking to get into a faster que. Blizzard has little ot nothing to do with the que's other then supplying the tool that does it's job for how many players ? ( and does it well) If you really want to change your que times make friends with a tank, encourage others to tank, or and this is a long shot... MAKE A TANK!
Simple really, it's broken because Tanks and Healers are sick and tired of the constant nerf's / buff's "balance" garbage and the constant poop Tanks & Healers take from 13 y/o twink jerks in PUG's...

So answer: Stop nerf'ing Tanks and Healers and more will roll em'...

Till then, enjoy it folks cause it's gonna get MUCH worse...

TANK STRIKE is in the works...
Im willing to bet anything that your one of those people that gets in a dungeon and 'does his own thing'. Your frustrated by having to wait so long to que and you want to "GO" or "LETS DO THIS" ( like we came here not to ), and you take it out on the group.

Your statement that it is Blizzard's JOB to fix the que time only further reinforces my statement. Your obvious lack of foresight, understanding, and knowledge of this game and the world is despicable.

TRY leading a group as tank or healing a few runs before complaining. Its people like I mentioned above is why there are a shortage of tanks and heals. Everyone comes down on them when things dont go right, or you have every plate wearing dps douche out there claiming dodge gear is and upgrade, or their offspec is tank, same with heals. THATS why there's a shortage, its your fault, not blizz's

My advice to you is, dont que. We dont need you. Problem solved.
IT's fine, they can't fix it. It's the basis of the game to have to have a tank, a healer and dps in a group. It's the fundamental design of it. How do they fix that?

If you have 30 people waiting and 1 of them is a tank that means 25 other people are going to have to wait in a queue longer until another tank queues up. How is that hard to understand?
I work in manufacturing. We take great pains to design our product to be so easy that an idiot can figure it out. We made descriptive labels, we make user instruction booklets, etc that explain exactly how to use it.

Sometimes, despite our best effort, the customers just don't get it. They can't figure out how to use it or it just doesn't work.

Now, were I Blizzard, I would go to my 11 million paying customers and say "Sorry, that's the way it is. Suck it up."

Fortunately, we are not Blizzard. If something doesn't work for the vast majority of people, then we go back to the drawing board and figure out another solution that may work better. We don't simply say "Sorry, customer. We made it idiot proof and it's not our fault you don't know how to use it."

The LFD tool is currently unacceptable with 45 minute queue times. Saying "more people need to play tanks" is not a solution. I don't know what the solution is, but it's Blizzards JOB to come up with some kind of solution, not just say "Sorry, customer, suck it up!"

TLDR: Blizzard needs to fix the long wait times on LFD and not just say "play a tank if you don't like it!"

*edited the title to something more indicative of the topic.- Nethaera

OBVIOUSLY you never played BEFORE we even had the LFD tool.

We had to WALK to our dungeons, we had to spend hours in a city just to get people for it, and then there was no way of making sure everyone was good.
i would have to disagree it not Too many dps =/= Blizzard's fault it the gamer , we all love to dps but not all of us are great tanks , it up to your guild but if u dont have one or they dont run u to make you a help to them then it their fault . as for hold time i have waited 2.5hrs and get it to get boot off cuz of my gear i hate that they should fix it were every one is lock into or make sure no one can get that run for 24 due to chicken or sometinge like that. the game change and i like hunter now rock and roll . maybe a 10 man finder or 25 would be sweet and chat with the other realm . just a idea .

keep on rocking Blizzard
Pre-LFD, the problem was it sometimes took hours to put a group together, or it would simply prove impossible. The LFD tool is a resounding success in fixing that problem. There's still plenty of room for improvement in reducing the opportunities to grief fellow players by gaming the queue, vote kicking to get a guildie in for the valor point boss, loot drama, etc. But Blizzard has done their part in improving our odds of getting a group together in a tolerable amount of time. You want faster still? Quit !#%%!-footing around and try tanking or healing.
Before LFD tool, many people went without. The fact that you get groups in 45 minutes is a vast improvement over getting nothing at all. People have quickly forgotten in a little over a years time what it was like before LFD.

In addition, there are 4 classes that can tank, 4 classes that can heal and of those, 2 overlap, pally and druids, for a total of 6 of the 10 classes that are capable of filling a tank or heal slot. Do you know how many classes can fill the dps slots? All 10. 2/5ths of your group can only be filled from 60% of the avaiable classes, but anyone can fill the rest.

But you know what the biggest problem is? Its gear. Specifically what a person is wearing when they walk in.
Have an under geared tank? Don't bother.
Have an under geared healer? Don't bother.
Have an under geared dps? Thats fine. <--- huge source of the problem right here!!!

I see it all the time. Tank dies to a trash pull, well must be a %#@@ty tank. Healer runs out of gas in a boss fight, must be a %#@@ty healer. DPS pulling 4k in a Cata heroic? No one says a damn word about it because even though they're under performing, you still make it through, usually at the expensive of the tank and healer having to over-compensate for the under-performer's suck. Fact is there's plenty of %#@@ty dps too but the way the game is made, they get away with it. If dps wasn't the easy slot it wouldn't be over filled.

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