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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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bruh lmao
WOW!! Thanks for taking the time to make this post. It was very informative. I hope that with what I've gathered from here and some YouTube tutorials, I can start RP. Any recommendations for RP Servers? I asked and someone said Moon Guard. -_- It is RP but not the type I want.
How can I vote for a "sticky"? I do not know much about WoW Forums.
Just wanted to say: this! I have been looking for a guide to get into RP with and this is it! Since I have been playing for so many years now, and being a lore nut already, I have decided RP would be a great way to further immerse myself into the game I love so much. As of patch 6.2, this guide is still a beacon of light for new RP players! :) Well done Shandris! A legacy!
I recently started to RP here, and i have to admit i felt a bit lost. I have to say that this guide is one of the best i have found so far. (still have to read Meeps). but it has made my transition into RPing on Wow As painless as possible. Thank you very much.
Thank you all contributors for a fine collection of information.
I am surprised it has all not been deleted like many of the helpful links it contains.
It amazes me how these days it is common to have multiple Terabytes of storage on our personal computers yet Blizzard thinks Forum Text takes up too much room to store.
Pre-WoW RPing was my norm from long before HTML brought the Internet to the masses. Blizzard initially supported such game play, however, starting with Burning Crusades their focus has been on $$$$, trying to attract more players from the FPS's with shallow PvP, removing moderators from our RP realms that would actually maintain the integrity and purpose of the realms, and only recently start to return true balance (2017). Not continuing with examples on this vein for brevity.
Just wanted to "pop in" on this 2011 topic to show peeps still read it and let folks know that many of the helpful links have been terminated.
Love that it tells the truth
Hate that It tells the blunt truth hah.
Although it could be broken to smaller forms as it took me awhile to process some things, and I would love a better explanation on Power-gaming Mary Sues and more. But so well it's doing quite nicely :)
Sorry for being gone for so long! It's amazing to see this is still stickied, even after all these years (I thought it'd be replaced, to be honest), and I'm happy it's still relevant! Thank you to all of you that have commented and replied since!

Now that I'm back, I may as well update, revise, and revisit the sections that need it. I've read through all of the responses from the last time I left until now, so I'll be taking your comments into consideration.

... [Character history] is completely optional and only serves as a personal aide of keeping your character info correct.

Very fair point! A character history isn't vital to starting out in roleplaying, and many people manage just fine without one. However, not having anything planned out or written out can lead to disaster if you end up forgetting what you've said, or end up doing or saying something that contradicts something you've established earlier.

I will try and clarify this a little better.

09/21/2012 08:35 AMPosted by Jaszmin
The basics in this guide are amazing. I often send people who are new to rp here to give them some good tips on what to do and what NOT to do. However some of the links are not working. The guides on Sisters of Elune on races are no longer there.

I suggest to everyone who is looking for lore on their specific race to use outside sources like joystick.com or wowpedia on the various races. Blizzard also has some story posts on the various faction leaders that offer some amazing insight into the races.

I will be updating the links, probably with Wowpedia and official postings. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

02/22/2013 01:54 PMPosted by Qildax
A very well written guide. Perhaps the only thing I could think it lacks would be roleplay hubs, or locations people typically gather to RP. And yes, I'm new here. *waves*

Ahh, yes. This is more of a thing that should be asked on a specific server's forum, or asked in a city chat as sometimes these locations can vary from server to server.

05/28/2013 07:01 AMPosted by Vethera
I highly disagree. Don't discourage people from making up their own ideas.

I don't wish to discourage imaginative and creative ideas altogether, but if those ideas directly contradict lore then it can rub some people the wrong way and possibly discourage any interaction a new roleplayer might've initially had.

Lore is not a shackle meant to keep you in a small, acceptable area and restrict you from doing anything out of the box - it is simply a story that acts as a guideline to keep you from doing anything too outlandish for what your character is, and is something you can draw inspiration from.

I'm aware some people roleplay different things on WoW these days, but this guide is to ensure that a new roleplayer is set up for success in roleplaying in WoW - and much of that will mean appealing to other roleplayers and coming from a direction they're familiar with. Most people will not be RPing non-Warcraft here, so I'm not addressing a niche within what is already niche.

08/01/2013 10:08 AMPosted by Lillideth
This thread was a good start but I want to add this link in here, because it is very good and details some things we should all remember. Thanks for writing it Zandrae!


I very much want to add this! Though it is a little lengthy it's worth the read for the great info.

01/14/2014 12:45 PMPosted by Gorwal
Can I try to translate that to brazilian portuguese? I'll gladly put due credits and original link for that, too. ^^

I'm completely fine with this. If it helps others, then I'm definitely okay with it!

03/08/2014 09:31 PMPosted by Adraylda
pretty good, you should make on detailing different types of RP, like tribal, gilnean, kingdom, etc. for those who don't know what all of them are.

I'm not too well-versed in the different types, so I would probably need some insight on those. If anyone has any sources that might go into this topic, I'll edit to add it in for the links and I would very much appreciate it.

08/24/2014 09:10 PMPosted by Mutual
What if I RP'd as an amnesiac and asked people to explain some elements of the lore, or learn about the lore on my own in-game? I know amnesiacs are cliched, but this seems like a more immersive way to go about it (to me, at least).

I would warn you that it might lead to some very exasperated roleplayers on the other end but yes, this is a possible way of going about learning the lore in-character.
When you want to just level and play on your own and you get pulled or drawn into an rp session I take it as a good idea to have a normal set of gear that say a citizen/worker or whoever you decide to play as handy in your bags and quickly change for immersion. I want to do both when I eventually start my dwarf shaman and don't want to step on other's toes when I am off doing my own thing.
Also awesome thread :)

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