Best DK Ally Race?

Death Knight
I'm going to finally roll a DK and dedicate some time to it. Which alliance class has best racial perks & looks the best in plate gear with glowy eyes? Forget PvP, i'm PvE only.
Well, depends at least somewhat on what you plan on doing.

Worgen would seem best for DPS with its free crit and run speed for avoiding bad stuff.

Human seems best for tanking because a free PvP trinket is nothing to sneeze at, and the +rep is always good. Oh and the free expertise is also good.
I personally like Draenei, as my character selection indicates. The +1% hit is still great, even though it's no longer an aura, and Gift of the Naaru is getting a massive buff in 4.06. It will heal 20% of the target's HP over 15 seconds, which is pretty big-- 20% of a tank's HP pool can be 30k or more at 85! If you go blood, Gift has great synergy with Vampiric Blood, a cooldown that increases max health and healing taken. And in a DPS spec you can still give the healer a little help if you see someone's health getting low, or patch yourself up if you accidentally take damage.

The only problem is that all Draenei have glowing blue eyes, so you'll look rather normal.
Gnome. We're just ballin'.
Well if you're looking to Tank. The dest racials for tanking are probably Dwarf and Draenei... but who the hell wants to be a dwarf right?! So Draenei... and I think they look best in plate too, especially as a Tank. Tanks are supposed to be big and bad... that's either a Draenei for Alliance, or a retarded looking Cow on Horde. Draenei, Draenei, Draenei! :)
Dwarfs are actually real badass. But i would have to go with a Human by far the best ally class for PvE like me. so i rly enjoy the rep boost from the human racial.
read up on the racial changes
then go blood elf
Worgen hard?

You could be running hard. (for 7 seconds at least)
Either Worgen or Human if you are lazy and want to gain rep faster.

Agreeing with Eldred, the Gift of the Naaru is still great and all, but DKs got death strike, and blood has rune tap... and if your trying to get away, Shadowmeld.. dump the aggro.

with rep, it won't matter anyways since we have to start from scratch at lvl 55, just go buy some tabards and do dungeons lol

Draeni have the +1% crit chance... Nelf's have 2% avoidance... with how DK tanks are structured, a DK tank is more often going to be an avoidance tank.

Go Night elf
Every Race has it's benefits. Personally, as far as looks go, I prefer Male Night Elf for making any plate armor set look awesome. Worgen is a decent second choice but I hate the way helms sit on them. They are similar to Tauren in that their head is in front of their shoulders rather than on top like every other race.

For PvE you're looking at DPS racials or Tank racials.

For Tank:
Night Elf has 2% avoidance
Dwarf has 10% damage reduction via Stoneform.
Humans have passive expertise if you're worried about threat stats

For DPS:
Worgen comes out on top of the list for DPS. Passive crit, not reliant on which weapon you're wielding and a sprint that can really come in handy
Draenei has 1% hit, allows you to reforge for more DPS stats, small heal to help out healers because these days every little bit you can do helps
Human again for passive expertise though it is weapon type reliant

Beyond that Humans have a free PvP trinket racial which is sometimes useful though in this tier of raiding I haven't seen much of anything it could be used on. Gnomes have something I'm sure but... who care about gnomes?
Worgen for DPS, night elf for tanking
worgen: a much needed speed boost & crit chance
human: every man for himself (it's a win in most situation)
nightelf: shadowmeld (threat can be a problem for DK)
draenei: 1% hit (it's really gd actually)

don't even think about gnomes/dwarf, those are quite useless racials.
Go puppy power, don't be a spacegoat.
Statwise: Worgen>Draenei>Human>NE>Dwarf>Gnome
Looks wise: Worgen>>>>>>Gnome>Draenei>Human=Dwarf>Nelf
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Worgen for DPS, night elf for tanking
Seeing as DPS & tanking are the only two things a DK can do, this is the only viable answer if you plan on doing the best you can in a raid environment.

If you just want to play the game and play a race you like to look at, then the choice is open to all and you will be the only one that can pick the right one for you.

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