Top Holy Priest addons?

Looking for advice on addons for groups + raiding.

I have used Healbot, and decurse, but I get the feeling I'm out of date or perhaps not setting them up well enough. I have seen vids on some players that have color coded layouts, wondered what the thoughts were on the blizz. community.

Thank you all in advance.
My addons:

02/04/2011 3:44 PMPosted by Verakith
My addons:


Not a fan of the Tukui grid?


BigWigs (I ought to check if DXE has been updated, because I prefer it)
Power Auras
uh lets see, i have Forte, Bartender and shadowed unit frames.
I actually prefer the blizzard raid frames!(for raiding) CRAZY, right?
02/04/2011 3:54 PMPosted by Elethia
Not a fan of the Tukui grid?

Doesn't offer enough functionality.

I'm loving healbot, bartender, and WIM

That's all I've got.
Last i checked, DXE wasn't updated for Cata at all anymore.

As for addons,
Grid > all

There are many bad copies of Grid, that try to 'improve' upon the core mechanics of that interface, but just don't do a very good job.
I'd rather have grid, and install only the modules I need for my class, than have an addon that includes every module, for every class preloaded (along with half a dozen other interface features), which would cause the entire addon to malfunction for long periods of time after every minor patch, when a single small portion of the lua file was changed.

Grid/Bar Mod (Bartender)/Unit Frame mod (Shadow unit frame/Xperl)/Any updated Boss Mod
Is really the most you'll ever need.
Vuhdo, shadowed unit frames, and a bossmod. pretty much all you need. IF you have a mouse with a lot of buttons vuhdo will create macros for you, so all you need to do is use your mouse :) pretty nice.

hope this helps. Vuhdo will show a lot of debuffs, where as other addons wont unless you get another addon for it.
My UI, Kittyui :)


And all around utility addon: bankstack

Well, I use to consider peggle a necessity in Wrath....

but now I could probably heal a group with just dominos and Xperl. I use macros for mouseover functions.
all i use is Grid, Clique, DBM, decursve and skada. Thats all I need.

dont need a fancy shmacy UI to get the job done

Need raidframes: Vuhdo, Grid, Healbot are common options. Healbot is just fine if that's what you're using but you really should learn how to properly set up all of its functions. Using decursive beside it is an exercise in futility

Boss mods: DXE, DBM, BigWigs, Raid Watch 2

Some sort of proc and buff/debuff (and chakra) monitor: PowerAuras, WeakAuras etc.

Castbar of some sort. Don't lose cast time to latency issues: Quartz, Castbars, Gnosis etc.

CD watch: OmniCC, ForteXorcist, Coolline

Announcer of some sort: RSA, Wakespams, Castyeller2, SpeakinSpell
Grid, Clique, Forte, PowerAuras, Quartz, DBM, Skada, Bartender, Shadowed Unit Frames.
So what exactly do you use powerauras for? I know its for procs but how do you set it up for yourself, for a disc priest
I prefer Shadowed Unit Frames over Grid.
Don't see why people think having a clean UI, or having all these addons will make you a better player. Look @ Paragon's priest. All he plays with is Grid.

Addons don't make you a better player, even if the best priest in the world uses them.

So what exactly do you use powerauras for? I know its for procs but how do you set it up for yourself, for a disc priest

Stacks for evangelism/archangel and rapture icd to say the least. Here's a link to premade exports:

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