Addon API bug

Bug Report
Trying use SetLootMethod and SetLootThreshold from the same function doesn't work right.

Example: In a raid it's set to Group Loot and Uncommon threshold. Typing in

/run SetLootMethod("master","player"); SetLootThreshold(4);

will cause it to set the method to Master Looter, set myself to the master looter, change the threshold to epic, then set the method back to Group Loot.

Reversing the calls like so

/run SetLootThreshold(4); SetLootMethod("master","player");

causes the method to be right but to revert the threshold back to what it was before the change.

I have tried this in both party and raid, and with methods and thresholds other than "master" and 4. Done with no addons loaded.
Getting the exact same behavior. I've been beating my head against my desk for a few hours now, thinking this was a PEBKAC problem.... Anyone know a workaround, or ETA to fix, or anything?
UPDATE: Talked to a GM about this, and they've opened a QA ticket to have it addressed.


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