Korgath Guild Progression Thread

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Majordomo 25H
Updated. Sorry for the delay. I will be away from a computer for the next two weeks. So I will not be updating again till closer to August 14th.
Heroic Baelroc down...Love countdown on healers.
Easily Overlooked is a World of Warcraft 10-man raiding guild. We are located on the US PvP Korgath realm. Our focus is niether hardcore nor casual with a three-day per week raiding schedule. Please visit the recruitment forums for information about joining.

Finally killed Rag 25 man today, good times.
Mojordomo Down THUGZ N PUDDI
Alys and Domo both down on 25.
Voltage, as one guide writer to another let me express my compliments on your thread. I like what you've done here, very nice. =) (Must be a real pita to update lol) So thanks for doing this!

Myr walked into FL last night before officially starting our progression, with Beth down after five attempts after repeated requests to 'try a boss' and see what kinda group we'd assembled so far.

Guild Name: Myrmidon
Current Progression: 1/7 (Beth'tilac)
Previous Progression: 12/12 (pre 4.2)
Raid Size (10/25): 10
Raid Times: Wed/Thu/Mon 9pm-12am ST
Website: http://clickthelightwell.com
Comments: A serious 10man progression unit running ventless, and as such deaf and hearing-impared friendly. Mature players only, as we are a very selective bunch do to our alternative and refined methodology in both raiding and guild policy/structure. We do it differently, but we do it well.

Guild Name: Atonement
Current Progression:10 man-7/7, 2/7 H. 25 man - 6/7, 1/7 H
Raid Size (10/25):25 primarily
Raid Times:Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun 7-10 server

Insomniax - Beth'tilac 25h down
We kill Rag 25 last reset, i just forgot to post it! Beachballs are awesome.
Apparently we were doing Rag all wrong lol.

We got Rag down tonight though. We're bad.
Let the Rag jamboree continue for GU in 10 man!

(Luccah got a mount!)
Heroic Alysraretardcheck
My team downed heroic Shannox last Tuesday.

H Shannox 25 dead today! Oh so fun.
I'm back and updating again! I should have everyone, but since there were a lot of kills make sure to check and see that your guild is correct.

Seev: what are your raid times/days?

Lovepony: Thanks for the compliment! It is some work, but I like to do what I can to give back to the community.

Grats to everyone on their kills, especially to those who got rag

Edit: because I enjoy giving myself more to do, I'm going to be trimming the guild info section to only the guilds who have updated with firelands progression. If you see your guild has been taken down and for whatever reason want it on there, then post it again below this.

Annnd finished.
Heroic Domo 10m down for Cookie Monsters
Current Progression: 4/7 (Beth'tilac, Shannox, Lord Rhyo, Baleroc)

Leap frogging. RIBBIT!

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