Korgath Guild Progression Thread

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Guild Name: Burning Sensations
Progression: 12/12 normal, 4/13 HM (Halfus, Chimeron, Maloriak, Conclave of Wind)
Raid Size: 25
Raid Times: Sun-Thurs 8:00 PM ST to 12:00 ST
Website: www.burning-sensations.com
We are a long standing presence in the Korgath community. We've been around since the beginning of The Burning Crusade and we've fully cleared both expansions before major nerfs.
Heroic Halfus down for Cookie Monsters.
Heroic magmaw dead for BS
Guild Name: Dread
Progression: 12/12 normal, 5/13 HM (Halfus, Chimeron, Maloriak, Conclave of Wind, Atramedes)
Raid Size: 25
Raid Times: Sun-Thurs 7:00 PM ST to 11:30 ST
Website: www.dreadguild.org
GU has downed Cho'gall 25.
Guild Name: Notorious
Current Progression: 12/12 (Only downed Nef in 10m)
Raid Size (10/25): 25
Raid Times: Tuesday, wednesday, thursday....7-11st
Website: http://notoriouskorgath.guildomatic.com/
Comments: We are currently looking for feral dps, warlocks, resto shaman and any other exceptional DPS with a minimum of 350ilvl for are 25man raids. We put 10mans together on weekends.

Heroic Atramedes dead for burning sensations
Guild Name: Ascension
Progression: 9/12 normal
Raid Size: 25
Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 7:30 PM ST to 11:00PM ST
Website: www.Ascension-Korgath.com
Ascension is a guild that has been around for years and is looking for dedicated, exceptional raiders for 25 man progression.
Guild Name: Heals Dont Crit
Current Progression: 10/12 normal, only Al'Akir and Nefarian still up
Raid Size (10/25): 10 Man
Raid Times: Mon - Wed 7pm to 11:30pm server time
Website: www.healsdontcrit.guildlaunch.com
Guild Name: Natural Selection
Current Progression: 12/12 Normal
Raid Size (10/25): 25
Raid Times: Sun- Wed 10pm-1am Server
Website: http://www.nsguild.net (This is changing soon, will tell you when it does)
Heroic Chimaeron down for Cookie Monsters.
Guild Name: <Eternal Vigilance>
Current Progression: 8/12, Council @ 3% ...
Raid Size: 10 man
Raid Times: 8-12 pm server Monday-Thursday
Website: http://tinyurl.com/4hjao59
Comments: We are a few older guys running %%%@ for fun. We currently have a 10 man core with alts looking to progress a second group on the weekends. Our group of kids have been raiding together forever and we don't give a %%%@ what you think. We are looking to grow our roster and our guild, we play Craft, Rift, and CoD at times for fun.
Notorious downed heroic Halfus on 25man
Heroic Atraeasymode down for Cookie Monsters.
Heroic Omnitron down for Burning Sensations.
Guild Name: Offensive Xfers
Current Progression: 10/12
Raid Size (10/25): 10
Raid Times: Evening Group that runs Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 7:00-10:30 ST. Overnight group that runs Tues-Friday 2AM ST.
Website: www.offensivexfers.org
Comments: Really tight raid core, but we're always looking for good players.
Heroic Chim down for Conviction
02/15/2011 11:07 PMPosted by Shinebox
Heroic Chim down for Conviction


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