Korgath Guild Progression Thread

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10/25/2011 10:40 PMPosted by Voltage

missed one...

missed one...

Could have sworn I got you, sorry.

As for your past progression, I see that you unlocked the dark phoenix as a guild last month. The past progression list is a snapshot of Korgath's raiding guilds the day that Firelands came out. If you guys did raid when T11 was current together under a different guild name on Korgath that I can check, then I'll put you down there, however if you all just cleared T11 post firelands, then unfortunately I am not really open to editing the list post patch. On the other hand, if you full clear heroic, I can indicate the date that you did that.

Edit: updated by the way
Thanks Voltage. You're right though, we did clear under another guild name on another server. We started FL 2 months late after coming back to Korgath.
Adrenaline just xfered to this server, good to be here by the way, really loving the people and the progression. Anyways:

Guild Name: Adrenaline
Current Progression: 6/7HM 25m, 7/7HM 10m
Raid Size (10/25): 25
Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 830-1230 CST
Website: adrenaline-guild.com
Comments: Very solid core of players who've all played together for several years. Looking to add more to the roster based on performance, not seniority.
Nothing is Eternal has been 6/7H for a while now.
Guild Name: Nothing Is Eternal
Current Progression: 6/7 Heroic
Raid Size (10/25): 25 Man
Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 645PM to 1015PM PST
Website: www.nothingiseternal.guildomatic.com
Comments: 15+ of the memebers in this guild have been raiding together since BC. The guild is stable. We are always interested in amazing players, check out our web site.
Baleroc-25H down (and Beth, did I not post about her? Guess not.).
Vindictive is 6/7 Heroic btw..
Insomniax killed 25m Heroic Rag
11/16/2011 11:58 PMPosted by Sooloz
Insomniax killed 25m Heroic Rag

Grats guys, glad to see you pull it off :p
Malum Factum is moving to 25 mans for the upcoming patch. We've downed 6/7 25m FL Normal. In addition our raid times are currently much simpler:

Sunday and Thursday from 8pm - 12am

<Skinnable> cleared up to Gunship on 10 man.
Cookie monsters 8/8 Cleared
Et Deleat cleared 5/8
just leaving this here : [A] Devils Paradise [■] [x] [■] [x] [■] [■] [x] FL progression

we just transfered 10 man only atm will post DS update tommorow
If you're updating to T13, NW finished Firelands 6/7H, and started DS with 7/8.
CM killed Heroic Morchok or whatever the first DS boss is called.
Heroic Morchok!
Guild Name: AfterLife
Current Progression: 1/8 Heroic DS
Raid Size (10/25): 25 Man
Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9PM to 11PM Server
Website: Afterlifetheresdeath.com
Comments: Looking for all exceptional players that are reliable at the raid times listed.
I'll say it, don't worry guys.

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