Korgath Guild Progression Thread

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Heroic Halfus down for Natural Selection
Guild Name: Tremor
Current Progression: 5/12
Raid Size (10/25): Focused on 25 w/ weekend 10m
Raid Times: Tuesday & Thursday 7pm-11pm server, Future Friday/Monday 10m planned (Either Continued or Fresh raid - tbd)
Website: Feelthetremor.com
Comments: Welcome to the Tremor guild application page. As a brief background, we are a laid back group of fun-loving adults who raid on a casual schedule (Two nights a week - Tuesday and Thursday 7 PM - 11 PM Server), with a hardcore mindset. We play the game to have fun first and foremost, and have a very friendly guild environment. If you are a mature individual who feels as if an experience such as this is down your alley, read on!

Current Progression 2/16/10

TotFW (Throne of the Four Winds)

BwD (Blackwing Descent)
Omnitron Defense System

BoT (Bastion of Twilight)
Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Valiona and Theralion

and a big thank you for putting this thread together. Cheers!
Guild Name: Delusion of Grandeur
Current Progression: 10/12 normal
Raid Size (10/25): 10man
Raid Times:9-12 server time
Guild Name: Sippin Haterade
Current Progression: 11/12
Raid Size (10/25): 10
Raid Times: Group 1 Wed Sun Mon 9pm to midnight Server Group 2 Tues/wed 10pm to midnight & Sun/Mon 8pm to midnight.
Website: sippin.enjin.com
Comments: Socials are welcome at 80+. We are always recruiting exceptional raiders to improve our roster. Also this might help (http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/korgath)
Heroic Magmaw down for Dread.
GU downs the big mean dragon known as Nefarian :D
Maloriak down! - Tremor
Guild Name: Crimson Banditos
Current Progression: 12/12, 1/13 (Halfus)
Raid Size (10/25): we're transitioning to 25 but we're more progressed as 10 currently.
Raid Times: Monday through Thursday from 7pm server until 11pm server (8est-12est)
Website: http://www.crimsonbanditos.com/

Comments: This Tues/Wed, our first week raiding 25 man, we killed up to Nef in BWD.
The background for our guild goes back to Vanilla WoW on the backwater server that is Bloodscalp. We have been raiding with each other for years and have picked up many people along the way. Towards the end of Wrath, Bloodscalp just couldn't provide us recruits that lives up to our standards, so we transferred here.
Of course we are a raiding guild, so that comes first. But there are also many of us that love to PvP. We have some members that are gladiators of multiple seasons, and we also want to win at rated battlegrounds.
We are currently looking for Healers and Dps of most varieties to fill a 25 man raid. While we have fun raiding 10 mans, 25 is more epic!
updated. I decided to remove the progress tracking in the guild info section as it was redundant.

Kanegina: I added you guys to the 10 man guild list. When you complete the transition to 25 man and are raiding in that format let me know and I will move you to the other progression list. In addition, your comment is much too long. I need them to be only 3 lines to avoid clutter. Normally I can do a bit of editing to get it to an appropriate size, but since you have so much in yours, it is probably better if you just rewrite it.
Ah ok sorry about that, well I'll let our GM handle that. But in the meantime go with

"We are currently looking for Healers and Dps of most varieties to fill our 25 man raid."
Guild Name: Eradication
Current Progression: 6/12 in 25 and 9/12 in 10's
Raid Size (10/25): primarily 25
Raid Times: Tues, Wed, Thurs 7:00pm - 10:30pm server
Website: eradication.guildpower.com
Comments: Eradication's core group transfered to Korgath from Korialstrasz in May 2010. Our goal is to progress through current content, maintaining high raiding standards in a pleasant and courteous atmosphere.
25m heroic omnitron down for Dread.
Sippin Haterade downed reg mode 10 man Nefarian last night. Working on Heroic Halfus tonight.
Guild Name: Nightwatch
Current Progression: 12/12 (10 Man) 11/12 (25 man, missing Al'akir)
Raid Size (10/25): 10&25
Raid Times: Friday 6:45pm - 11pm Server, Saturday 6:45pm - 11pm Server.
Website: http://nwguild.guildomatic.com/
Comments: Weekend guild.
Delusion of Grandeur Downed Cho'gall a while ago, forgot to report that.

also updates to the guild information:

New Guild site: http://delusion-of-grandeur.wowstead.com/
Raid times: tuesday, thursday, sunday 9-12 server.
GC has heroic Ascendant Council and heroic Chogall in BoT btw

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