Korgath Guild Progression Thread

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Guild Name: AfterLife
Current Progression: 10/12
Raid Size (10/25): 25
Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 7-11 server
Website: afterlifetheresdeath.com
Comments: AfterLife is a preeminent raiding guild that has had great success on Korgath. AfterLife consists of mostly college students and working adults that enjoy a relaxed raiding environment and have the desire to progress.
Al'akir[10m] down for Offensive Xfers
Guild Name: Insomniax

Progression: 12/12, 5/13 HM(Halfus,Magmaw,Maloriak,Atramedes,Chimaeron)

Raid Size (10/25): 25

Raid Times: Sunday through Wednesday from 11pm server until 2-2:30am CST server

Website: http://insomniax.mmoguildsites.com

Comments: Insomniax is a late-night end-game Alliance raid guild on the Korgath (U.S. Central Time) server. Late-night raiding has been the signature of the guild for the past 3 years, making it very important for us to recruit and keep people who prefer to or can only raid late.

We don't raid as much as a lot of guilds but have been quite efficient with our progression. Our late night raiding times mean a lot of the folks are a mix of older working professionals and students for whom the time slot really allows them to raid and satisfy real life commitments. Our loot is determined by a loot council.
25m Valiona and Theralion HM slain

Obey, I had to edit your comment down to fit within the three line limit. Hopefully you are alright with the changes I made, but if not feel free to work on it as well.
Tremor - Conclave Down!
GC killed heroic Nef
<ReKoil> has downed the Maloriak, Artremedes, and Valiona fights.

Thank you! and awesome job!

02/25/2011 7:45 AMPosted by Adriaan
GC killed heroic Nef

Grats guys =D
Btw, GC isnt on the guild list for like website and raid times if you want to post that up.
Sippin Haterade downed 10m Heroic Halfus
Heroic Halfus 25 man down <Nightwatch>
<Stratus> downed Heroic Chimaeron last night

We are now 2/13 HM
Guild Name: Victum Vel Intereo
Current Progression: 9/12 normal
Raid Size (10/25):10
Raid Times: Tues, Thurs, Sunday 8:30-11:30 server
Website: http://victum.enjin.com/
Comments:<Victum Vel Intereo> is a level 15 guild. Most of our core raiders are transfers from Mal'Ganis. We are recruiting as we go, please check our website for more information and recruitment updates.
Valiona/Theralion down on 25m heroic for <Dread>
Victum Vel Intereo has down council.
Guild Name:Imperious
Current Progression:12/12 Normal 1/13 Heroic
Raid Size (10/25):10
Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 7pm-11pm ST (G1), or Tues/Weds/Sun 10pm-1am ST(G2)
Comments:We are a progressive 10 man guild that is looking for more players for our current 2 groups with the possibility of an additional 3rd group opening up. These groups run at different times to accommodate different schedules.
< Blackwing's Bane
Guild Name: good mens
Current Progression: 12/12 Normal 4/13 Heroic (halfus/maloriak/chimaeron/atramedes)
Raid Size (10/25): 10
Raid Times: Sunday-Thurs 6pm-11pm server time
Website: http://goodmens.enjin.com/
Comments: We're #1

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