Korgath Guild Progression Thread

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Heroic Magmaw down for Cookie Monsters.
heroic ascendant council down on 3/27 for burning sensations
Heroic Omnitron down for Cookie Monsters.
Guild Name: Death Count
Current Progression: 12/12
Raid Size (10/25): 10
Raid Times: Fri 11:15pm - 3am Sat&Sun 7:30pm - 1am
Website: n/a
Comments: Death Count isn't really a raiding guild, a majority of the guild is pvp oriented, except for a handful of the guild who do the raids. Omgbomber(Guild Leader) Monosyllabic(Raid Leader).
25m heroic cho'gall down.
Heals Dont Crit

Heroic Halfus Dead 10 man

Heroic Magmaw dead on 3/29

Reg. Atamedes dead
Oh hai! Totally forgot about this, we've been lazy.

Crimson Banditos: Heroic Magmaw and Heroic Chimaeron down.
Heroic Omnotron 10man down by good mens
Heroic: 25man Valiona and Theralion Down - Get Well Soon - 4/4/11
Heroic Conclave down for Cookie Monsters.
Ascension downed Cho'gall on 25-man back on February 26... we just never updated the recruitment thread.
downed al'akir on 4/3/11
Heroic Valiona down for Cookie Monsters.
Eradication downed Cho'gall 25 last night.
Heroic Valiona 10 man down by good mens
Heroic Maloriak down (finally!)
25m sinestra down for Dread.
Heroic Halfus down for GU.

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