Work-Around Macro Solution to buy from vendor

There's a slight problem with the vendors in Orgrimmar (and most likely Stormwind) in regards to the Loves Fool event.

If you attempt to purchase an item normally it will have a fit and display the following red message: 'You can't buy the specified quantity of that item.'

Here is a macro to work around this bug.

/run BuyMerchantItem(5,5)

What this will do is buy five of the fifth item in the store (in this case "Wizardry Cologne").

If you wish to buy the petals which are on the second page you must run the following macro

/run BuyMerchantItem(11,5)

This will buy 5 of the 11th item (1st on 2nd page).

You can modify the macro according to what number cologne you wish to purchase.

You my hero
You are also MY hero! <3
Thank you so much!
Oh great macro guru ... is there a work-around for the constant "are you sure?" windows when buying from some vendors?
I don't care if this is necroing, thank you for this.
You are my necro hero!
Holy necro batman. You just help me to buy 80 stacks of Draenic dust from TPlvl3 :D
Old thread, happy to keep it necro'd. You just saved me a whole lotta time my man.
This honestly deserved a necro. I was trying to find this specific macro for about 10 minutes and stumbled upon this thread. Thanks a lot!
The Macro won't work as "/run BuyMerchantItem(5,3)" for draenic dust, you get an error message. A quick fix is to just make it "/run BuyMerchantItem(3)" it even skips the confirmation window =)
@Besler your arguements are in the wrong order. You want slot 3 and 5. What's cool about using this at the trading post is that if you want 100 you can make it

/run BuyMerchantItem(3,100)

and buy 100 with no confirmation window. Smexy. Wait till prices are low for that item though of course!
Agreed, just saved me literally 30 minutes of my life buying 1600 dust :)
BUMP Keep this near the top.

+1 to sticky.
Its returning "internal bag error" for me now :(
despite which page its on, you can just do /run BuyMerchantItem(#) if there are only 10 items on a page and you need the 2nd item on the 2nd page, you can just do /run BuyMerchantItem(12) and it works

Also, make sure you have the merchants item list open when buying

/run BuyMerchantItem(38)

... to spam-buy Brutal Daggers (assuming you select "all" from the dropdown box first)
if you put it down to 1 item, like this: /run BuyMerchantItem(11,1) it will pass the "are you sure" message. i use it for buying bags of gold with my garrison resources

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