[H] [25] Profit LF Boomkin, H Pally + RSham!

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+1 to Squinty's Avatar
Bump :)
Bump for a positive first night on 25 man content, and updated OP to reflect our current status and recruitment needs.
GG Blizzard
Looking for a quality Holy Pally and Resto Druid as well! :)
^ This!
Bump From The Great One.
Bump for magical players.
Bump for skill ^^
Website has been acting a bit one extra chromosome with submitting applications, so feel free to contact an officer in-game or through private messaging on the website!

annnd bump!
one more bump maybe?
+1 to bump
Bump for skilled players =)
MELEE! - If you can interrupt a boss and do decent DPS, move out of fire, WE WANT YOU

LOL funy **@!!

back to the top we go!!!
Humpty Bumpty

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