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Death Knight
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just rate me
1/10? You have 400 more parry then dodge, *#*# mastery, half your gear is unenchanted and 41 points in blood.
OOOH this looks like fun. Rate me!
41 blood, minimal enchants, yet just beat H GB. What does that say? I think despite all the rock star personalities and self entitlement tanks have gotten, heroics aren't that much harder as a tank. I still find it dreadful, but the WoW universe (and more importantly my guild) need tanks. So.................................
02/06/2011 11:37 AMPosted by Zane
1/10? You have 400 more parry then dodge, *#*# mastery, half your gear is unenchanted and 41 points in blood.

You all missed the most important part...

MENDING on his weapon.


SSG until you get mostly 346, then switch to swordshattering.

Reforge as much avoidance as possible to mastery.

Also, to the quoted person, having 400 more parry than dodge isn't really that large of an issue, they are both on the same diminishing return now, and diminishing returns are not what you think, there is actually an overall gain the more parry/dodge you have, it is ~108% of value as you stack it. It gets better as it gets higher. You need more rating per % of parry/dodge as you get higher yes but having higher values of avoidance also makes the avoidance itself better.

So yes while keeping them as equal as possible would be best, sometimes that is just not an option. If you notice, he actually tried to reforge to dodge as much as possible, so he was attempting to rectify what you had critiqued, but because we (as well as all other plate tanks) get 25% of our strength as parry now it's difficult to keep them in line.
02/06/2011 11:49 AMPosted by Chibidk
OOOH this looks like fun. Rate me!

Drop crimson scourge, drop a single point from scent of blood and virulence*, get runic power mastery (filler) and icy reach (filler) and grab lichborne for one more survivability cooldown, self targetted death coil heals.

I would also replace SSG with swordshattering at your gear level and beyond.

*Edit: Fixed, not epidemic.
yesterday i broke the record in tol barad on a DK to die faster than half a sec id say for DK fodder im rateing myself 10/10
Lol @ mending.
02/06/2011 4:14 PMPosted by Fotmreroll
This thread is now about how I'm the greatest DK in the world because my name is awesome.

But you aren't a mage.


that spec is bad, the chanting is bad, the gearing is bad..... so 2/10 just for dinging 85
not sure bout unholy, but looks solid
Oh my god look at the glyphs. Obliterate in tank spec, Death and Decay in frost dps spec.
Missing enchants and gems. Conversion and Runic Empowerment on a Blood? No. Blood Tap and Death Pact are a must--IMHO even Runic Corruption is better for Blood than Runic Empowerment. As for your transmog: your boots and weapon don't match--the rest isn't anything too creative, but a damn good look lol. 6.5/10.
8/10 decent pvp gear, almost identical talents I take
Holy Necro??
I feel this thread is going to go down hill extremely fast...
My analysis is for Hellmarch:

I don't think this is your main, or you just don't put a lot of time into the character. I don't like the gorefiend grasp for frost, and I assume both blood and frost specs are for pvp, but why don't you have better pvp gear? Looks like you log on just long enough to do some arena for points and maybe an rbg every once in a blue moon and LFRs too. Your priorities seem to be correct and you're not doing anything terribly wrong, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt with my previous assertions. You also don't seem to have minmaxed your reforging.

Effort: C

Are you a bad player? No probably not.
Would I do you? No. Would not do.

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