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<Proud to be Canadian> We are recruiting mature players of any nationality and lvl. We focus on 5 mans, achievements and casual raiding. We offer a Level 9 guild with 7 bank tabs and a 25 man ventrillo. Our membership is older and are working adults. We enjoy wow however we know that life comes first. We don't do a lot of pvp, we focus more on the pve part of the game. Any class and level is welcome, however please note if your looking for something hardcore your best to find another guild. We have fun we dont' have drama. Maturity is highly stressed...You don't need to be older...just mature. We are on Laughing skull and we are alliance. Please contact Fathergog, Geetz, Pantzparty or any member to contact an officer.
Is this guild still active? I definitely fit the criteria aside from being an Orc. If you're still recruiting or if you know of another Canadian, 30+, semi-casual, Horde guild let me know.

I am from Burlington ON. Below are the two main Canadian groups I have found in the past 5 years

Fizzcrank server, Alliance, The Haunted, its run by Skylä she runs the Vancouver Warcraft meetup. I have my alliance toons there. The Meetup group has real life events such as potluck, boardgame night and dinner and drinks. (PvE server)

Horde has a Toronto Guild on Vek’nilash called Arm of Hades. They used to opperate the Warcraft Meetup for Toronto b4 shutting down the website to focus on MoP, they still meet for drinks every month. (PvE server)

All my Horde are currently on Vashj in the Holy Order which is run by a friend in Chicago, Anaku. If your in Ontario, feel free to say hi. my toons are Zyvix, Verak & Direbull (PvP server)
So do you guys all like hockey?

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