"I killed it because it was rare."

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One of the most frustrating things about camping for rare pets is, as I'm sure we can all agree upon, dealing with non-hunters killing the mobs "just because it's rare."

I have personally been camping Sambas since I hit 85 on my hunter. I flew to his spawn point near the Krazzworks when a warlock links that Tear of Loyalty and says "WTS" . When I asked him who he got it off of he said, and I quote, a "random lion." I asked him if he was joking and he replied "about what lolol" and I said "Finding that lion." He goes "no i really found him" and I said "Why would you kill him... ><" to which he replies "was i not supposed to? he was rare lolol" . Of course, he was banging his head against the wall when I said I'd been advertising a reward of 500-1000g for Sambas location' and/or group invites/tags and all he was left with was a 25g tear of loyalty.

I wish Blizzard would get rid of the achievements to kill rare spawns as well as the loot that rare spawns may drop so hunters camping those rares won't have to worry (as much) about players killing their spawns "just because they're rare."

What's your best "my rare spawn was killed for loot" story?
I've been camping Sambas too. It was heart breaking logging in last night near his spawn point to find his corpse.
I spend three days looking for ''gondria'' spectral tiger. On the second day, I found a warrior killing it, I went really fast and started tamming it, shouting ''stop!!!'' but it was too late, I had to spend another day flying around zul' drak..
I remember just the other day when I was romping around and found a rare. Luckily, I hadn't cut out my Global chat channel (I do when it annoys me sometimes,) and someone was looking for the very rare plopped right in front of me. A quick /who told me it was a hunter, so I partied with him, and left the rare alone.

But when it comes to non-beast rares, I will kill them all on sight.
As far as I know, there isn't even an achievement for killing the Cata rare spawns. So there's not really much reason to kill rares at all unless the loot they drop is actually good.
This happened to me earlier today, I was camping Madexx and took a 15 min break to watch TV...

When I got back I discovered a priest attacking Madexx a few yards from were I was camping him, I got down and begged and pleaded him to stop and let me tame him, he completly ignored me and killed him :(

Hope he's happy with his crappy grey item... /sigh
Cry moar. Rare Spawns are in the game for more than just hunters. They do give better loot, and some people need that. Yes, it sucks. But WoW doesn't revolve around you.
Tameable spawns drop no loot other than a 25g grey.
Cry moar. Rare Spawns are in the game for more than just hunters. They do give better loot, and some people need that. Yes, it sucks. But WoW doesn't revolve around you.

Uh. You realize the flavor text on the tear is pretty much an indicator that that spawn is for hunters and there's 99 million other rare spawns they can kill? Way to be a jerk.

Call me crazy but how is a non-equippable grey item 'better loot' that someone can use?
Getting 25 gold for killing a random mob isn't too bad
Yeah, but consider that most hunters would happily fork over 250-1k gold easily for a tame...
Just tonight I came across one of those kinds of people. While camping for the Time-Lost Proto Drake I find Skoll quite often. I had spotted him again and so seen if there were any other hunters in Storm Peaks. None were on so I went and asked my friends if anyone had a Hunter who could tame him. Friend logs over gets a port, all of which takes a little longer than I'd like ~ 7 mins, but I hadn't seen anyone flying around. About 30 seconds before he gets to me a 85 priest flies down, kills him and flies off with their sandstone drake.

I was so pissed, messaged them and said yeah thanks a lot. Reply was, "np". Asked if they were going to equip that wrath blue, of course not they're just going to vendor it. Oh and then he wondered what I was QQin about, "It'll spawn again". Yes... it will but it's the whole fact of the matter killing something that was useless to him, he obviously didn't need the money.
I once flew over Sholozar Basin and happend upon King Krush. Saw a blood elf hunter female trying to tame it. Flew in and started fighting the hunter. Killed the hunter and suppresed the priest trying to help her tame it. Than focused the remainder of my attention downing the beast. It brought me much satisfaction crushing the hunters pet. I was very angry at the time and was just looking at getting back at some horde anyway that i could. I was going to rub it in the hunters face but i guess they logged off heart broken lol. Anyways i still fool with the rares in northrend because the drop the achievments and blues i dont however fool with the newer ones because they sadly have nothing to offer. And dont think i dont go around without a guilty mind set at times i have and do as it still kind of bugs me in the back of my mind.
I have a good one. This happened when WoTLK had just came out and I was in Sholazar Basin looking for Loque'nahak. There were a bunch of hunters camping there at the time. I found him about a week or so after I had first started searching for him. So I sat up my ice trap and started to tame him.

Out of nowhere a night elf hunter swoops in and starts killing him. I tell him to stop (I was alliance at the time) but he didn't listen. After asking him why he did it he simply replied 'I don't want anyone else getting him before me.' I reported him but I don't think anything ever came from it. It took me another couple of weeks before I found Loque'nahak again and was able to tame him.

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