Call of the Worgen. (Roleplay Event)

Wyrmrest Accord
lol at guild claiming gilneas

However, I kind of like the sound of this event.

Just a note: keep a thread open with active updates on progress in Gilneas. Maybe take a map and highlight areas that have been 'reclaimed' and continue to update the map as the event progresses. Keep it posted on the thread. There is no need to rush it within a couple of weeks, either. Take some time between each push into Gilneas. Establish a foothold. Consistently RP inbetween your invasions.

Also: open it to more than just Worgen. To my knowledge, the 7th Legion is currently there already, so it wouldn't be out of the norm for non-Gilneans to offer helping hands. Considering that you would be fighting Horde in Gilneas, you would have quite a few helping hands.

Finally, I'm sure you are already aware of this and will do well to avoid it, but avoid establishing authority in Gilneas. Everything is done in the name of Greymane, and he should be taking full credit for the reclamation regardless of his presence.

I only approve of this because I don't see Blizzard actually doing anything with Gilneas in the future, and think that it is destined to remain empty and forgotten.
As a Moon Guard RP'er just checking the forums i do have a question?
Why only Worgen? How about the Non-afflicted survivors?
back to MG now, :)
I made a detailed map of Gilneas if you want one. >_> Annotated, which faction has a stronger presence where.

The only problem I see with this is that if a Horde Character does the Silverpine quest chain, they can't see Alliance but for inside of Light's Dawn Cathedral or on top of Stonewall Prison.


And yes, open it to allies. I know Orravar would be all over it.
All. Over. It.
I would ADORE something like this! Rai would totally pitch her rifle in for this, but she lacks a lot of fur. >.>

Even if you don't end up taking other races, my Worgen would still be interested. ^.^
02/27/2011 9:35 AMPosted by Hylaudius
Gilneas is nothing like Southshore.. silly hordies.

Both invaded by Forsaken.

Both bombed by Plague.

Both Forsaken victories.

Both closed warzones.

Nothing alike.

no no no its not that bad off
There appear to be two outcomes for this:

Option One:
The Lolves win, and Gilneas is reclaimed, the rest of the current story of the game is completely ignored, and sillyness ensues.

Pro: More Lolves will RP there where I can't see them.

Option Two:
You lose. This is the only option that would make sense, but it is going to be difficult to recruit for something that is a losing endeavor going in. If you're fine with that, then by all means, go for it.
Darkhowl? There's a whole pack called Darkhowl. Dare you impersonate us!? I'm joking, in case it wasn't obvious.
*Hits Umbar with a rolled up newspaper. A BIG ONE!*

Bad puppy! No necromancy!
By all means, step into Gilneas. All you need to do is pass through the Forsaken, ah... 'toll booths'. Yes, they do rather look like the ends of our swords, don't they? Don't be shy now, fling yourselves upon them.

Anyhow, any manner of event that takes place in or around Gilneas is severely flawed, in regards to the phasing issues all throughout Silverpine. Not to mention that your leader gave the order to fall back (If only he stuck around a few more minutes and saw Sylvi get brained by Godfrey, but that's besides the point), so the chances of him supporting a full-blown military siege into the heart of the enemy would be very much unlikely. You'd have to start at Arathi and work your way in, to get any manner of foothold, and in that, you would have your work cut out for you.
04/16/2012 04:20 PMPosted by Destructo
Don't be shy now, fling yourselves upon them.

*Flings self upon them*

... Damn. I seem to have a sword stuck in me.
Holy damned, Gustaf still roams?
04/16/2012 06:52 PMPosted by Sulphuras
Holy damned, Gustaf still roams?

No, that's an illusion.
Well, I never... honestly, mongrel dogs. Have some respect for a corpse's property. You cannot simply 'reclaim' land that is still in the hands of its legitimate owners (not everyone made it to Keel Harbor to flee like little pups with their tails between their legs, you know). Or do you believe that by urinating on things they become yours?

Ah! I was just struck with a capital idea....

*Runs off to get his old hunting rifle and skinning knife*

Time for a Worgen hunt! Tally ho!

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