Recount not working help

UI and Macro
Hello everyone, recount works on this toon and my other 85 (priest), but will not show up on

my 65 dk or my 36 shammy. Ive tried all the ; /recount : show things i could think of. Ive got

into my addon screen (where you pick which charactor), they all show "on". In that screen ive

disabled them and turned them back on and it doesnt work. Any help would be gratefull.

If it matters the only other addons i have are : grid, omen, DBM, and recount
Try /recount resetpos
ty i will try this when i get home
Mine doesnt work either.

I've typed both of those but it still tells my to type /help command not known or whatever
Go into World of Warcraft/WTF and search all the subfolders for all the files with recount in the name. Delete (while wow is off! Don't do this while it's running). Then restart wow.

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