Elemental Shaman PvPing (Geming/Stats)

Hey Forums!

I was just wondering what are the gems/enchants/stats priorities for elemental PvP.

This is how I do it, not necessarily the canon structure, but it works fine.

Rating caps (hit, pen)
Int > Mastery >> Haste/Crit

Haste => Mastery
Crit => Mastery

Red/Grey - Int
Blue - Mastery + Spirit (for Elemental Precision)
Yellow - Mastery
Meta - 54 int + 10% silence reduction.

Cloak - Spell Pen
Int, when available.
Mastery, when available.
Weapon - Hurricane (it's affordable)
Thanks! This also helped me with my elemental spec too.
Dont gem crit. There is ALOT of better options out there. Since we have very low survivability. I gemmed some resil. It'll help
The detailed response above is from February 2011. Necro'd.
My favorite part of this necro is the necromancer using the old advise haha.

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