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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Hello anyone here from Indonesia? I'm not Indonesia (relocated to Jakarta three years due to work,) but I'm just curious to see if any Indonesians play at all. For you Indonesians reading this Selamat pagi, dan semoga sukses main di World of Warcraft. :)
hye not indonesian (im malaysian) but i mixed with indo players a lot..i knew some of them in barthilas
I'm from Indonesia, Bandung, I'm on Aman'thul realm
Hi guys, I'm from Malaysia but relocated to Indonesia as well.
Interested in forming guild together? :)
We got a contingent of Msians here - pls check us out if you're interested @

1. Our Advert in WOW Forums:

2. Our Website:

Alternatively, you can create a toon on our server and contact Saingau, Verahex, Zeniyken.
hello there im indonesian and i live in jakarta .. and i play wow on frostmourne server .. nice meeting you here :)

I am from Jakarta too.
too many hordes from indonesia at frostmourne

i'm from indonesia too.

we're looking to expand our roster for social networking and most importantly - FUN.

look me up.
i'm from Indonesia too, looking for guild in madoran server.
Jakarta here mate :)

Been leadin this guild since WotLK after joining in BC... 3/7 Firelands 25man - LFM!!
(3 nights only!)
hello jakarta too here :)
HI I am from jakarta too

anybody in nesingwary US server?

pls let me know

would like to join a guild if u have
hi im from jakarta anyone in aman'thul (oceanic)
btw is this thread still active? wow not even a page of comments...
im on indonesia too, why not we make a new guild :)
im only find 4 ppl on amanthul server and they are alliance
anyone in nagrand-oceanic? Indonesian from Australia. currently playing with my brother there.
indo player here, based in sydney australia
let me know if you want to form guild together :-)
Hi, i am from Indonesia too, server: Khaz'goroth Oceanic. Anyone there too?

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