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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Saurfang here. :)
hi, im looking for Indonesian players at Gundrak Oceanic Server Horde Faction. We have an Indonesian based guild looking for more people. atm we have only a 10-men raid size of people to do, hoping to collect more. Add a reply here for an invite =)
should for guild together :-D

I am in saurfang too, redkatrana!
Siang everyone, 4/7 FL25 HM Lfm :)
Frostmourne here..... peace
yap i like

plz add me to guild indonesia, Frostmourne server name Bezibun tauren warrior
indo here, lookin for a good raiding ally/ horde guild on any server. with guaranteed FL/ Deathwing raid slot. lol

any indonesian guild playing at blackrock ?
i play at frostmourne during wotlk. xfer to blackrock cuz few friend play at blackrock. LF indonesian guild at blackrock if theres one out there.
indo here.. blade's edge with 3 my friend
I hope someday Indonesian players can exist in one server
any indonesian want to gather up in one server and made a fix 10 man group ? i have 4 player at blackrock ( all indonesian with 384 ++ itlv ). 6/8 Normal DS experience. any 1 interested ?
hi, i'm in gundrak, any indonesian ally guild in gundrak?
Hi, Indonesian here!
Indonesia here, looking for indonesia guild in frostmourne. PST please
there's an indonesian guild in frostmourne named schattenjager, i've already joined there, you can pst or pm Kiemas or satori for invite..
its a quite massive indo guild, 130 members, almost all indonesian players
LFM asian player including Indonesian for 25m raiding (current progression 1/8H)
check this out for current roles needed:
@Cellynn, which server and which side ? I might have someone to join you :-)

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