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Guild Recruitment
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Server: Hellscream (PVE-US) – Alliance

Website: http://snmhellscream.wowstead.com/

Spite and Malice is a 25 man Alliance guild, of questionably mature players, that are focused on downing the hardest content but having a good time while doing it. We're a 5 year old guild that has been going strong even in the slow times during raiding, dedicated to killing progression bosses in a timely fashion. We're currently 2/6 Heroic 25 Man, and we use loot council.

We raid Monday through Thursday, 7-11pm CST (Server time)

We're currently looking for ranged DPS.

(Updated October 29th, 2012)
Warlock: High
Mage: High
What we'd like from you:

  • Attendance must be at 85%, show up 5-10 minutes before raid, exceptions may be made.
  • Knowledge of fights, if you don't know them, study them.
  • Consumables, if you don't benefit from fish feasts, bring your own food, and flasks.
  • Willing to accept criticism, if harsh sometimes.
  • Knowledge of your class is of the utmost importance, knowing how to optimize your rotation, studying your class (via EJ and otherwise) is a necessary component to being a successful raider.
  • Please contact me on realid: totallypeaches@gmail.com or contact Eadoin, Ladisius, Blue, or myself in-game.
    Still looking for those cool kids that shoot arrows.
    Hunters have really weird tier.
    Discipline priests are kind of cool too!
    Still looking for awesome people that do damage 40 yards from the boss. :D
    Can you disengage? Can you have pet bears? THEN I'M PRETTY SURE WE'D LOVE YOU.
    no one loves mages anymore.
    We like balance druids too, they balance things out. GET IT?
    bumping for bad puns and what not
    Yay vikeen. Something something witty here!
    Did you know alligators like licorice?
    Hunters, balance druids, warlocks, discipline priests, you are the milk of our cheerios!
    Nectarines are still good even when they aren't ripe!
    O.o what is this nonsense?
    Uh, aspect of the pack!

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