College kids perform WoW music for fun

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Very nice.
I'd love you forever if you could direct me towards the sheet music for the songs. C flute, specifically.
Thank you all so much! Krog, if you want to send a message to the VideoGameMusicChoir's YouTube channel, I can give you more details about the sheet music if you'd like.
Very cool.
I'm from Eastern MA, not *that* far from Boston.
02/05/2011 10:57 PMPosted by Ethlin
I'm from Eastern MA, not *that* far from Boston.

You should come to our next show!
You guys are really on point.

love love love! =)
Definitely got chills during the Wrath login music.

Though it's missing a Sindy ROOOOOAAAAHHRRR
EPIC!!! Great job. More more! Encore! Encore!

Are you taking requests?

Lament of the Highborne
Enchanted Forest
The Grizzly Hills zone music <- my fav
Haha- nicely done.

Pretty darn good.

I have a music degree, so I'm a little more judgmental than others in this thread. I noticed the small things. The arrangement was good, whoever put it together did some really creative stuff. Your flutist nailed the flute solos, sounded exactly the same. The trumpet players really needed to play through that more, haha. Couple balance issues I noticed. Got goosebumps at 6:30, till one of your tenors sang out too loud hehe, might be an alto, can't tell

But for one rehearsal a week for a few months, very well done!! Wish my school had done stuff like this.

Besides the music, I really liked whoever put this video together
Hi Everyone,

My name is Julia, and as you can see I play an 85 NE hunter on the Perenolde server.

I go to music school in Boston, MA, where I run my own video game choir. We sing student arrangements of game music, and last fall we decided to do a WoW medley. Here's a video from our latest concert- it's filled with songs from Lich King and the original game. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for sharing Julia. I forwarded this to Russell Brower (and this has been shared with others as well) and he wanted to convey to you that we are both thrilled and honored that you took the time to put this together and share it with us here. :)
very impressive!
I think you need like twice as much brass.

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