The final boss of Cataclysm.

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Phase 1 100%-80% hp

Deathwing will be tanked in the back of the room and all dps must be to the side to avoid tail swipes into the lava pools. The two tanks must both be in front, because every 30 seconds Deathwing will eat one and pick up the closest target to his head. The tank that is being eaten must get heavy heals to survive the devour. After he gets out, he will have a debuff for 100% more damage so the offtank must continue to keep threat. At 80% Deathwing will fly up in the air and phase 2 starts

Phase 2 80%-80%

When Deathwing is up in the air, he can not take any damage and will cast deepbreaths all over the raid. At this point he give birth to Onyxia and Nefarian and both must be handled by the raid. They must be kited far away from each other. If one dragon's hp hits 50% and is not within 8% hp of the other, the first dragon will fully heal. Once both dragon's are dead Deathwing will land in his human form and Phase 3 will start.

Phase 3 80%-75%

When Deathwing lands he will cast bonestorm and reflect 50% of spells back. This will force all dps to watch themselves or they will die. Deathwing doesn't pick a tank, he just moves around the room. At 75% Deathwing will call the help of the Old Gods and Phase 4 starts.

Phase 4 75%-50%

When Deathwing Calls the helps of the Old Gods, they split a fragment of Deathwing's soul into 2 dark spirits. Each spirit has health equal to 12.5% of Deathwing's health. These spirits will transform into Arthas and Illidan. The tanks must then pick them up and tank them within 30 yards of each other. Arthas will cast defile on the raid while Illidan will cast immolation aura. When Arthas or Illidan hit 1 hp, they will become immune and freeze. Once both are at 1% Phase 5 will start.

Phase 5 50%-25%

When Arthas and Illidan hit 1 hp the Old Gods will siphon more of Deathwing's life into the spirits. The revived Arthas and Illidan will then use the fusion dance to become Artidan. Artidan looks like Illidan wearing the Lich King's Armor and dual wielding Frostmourne. This fight is a lot like Loken from halls of Lighting as Artidan will use Immolation Aura that does more damage the further away you are. This will force the raid to move together. Every 30 seconds Artidan will use Fury of Stormrage and force the raid to move out or they will die. For everyone that dies during Phase 5, Artidan will gain a soul and deal 20% more damage. Once Artidan is dead the final phase will start.

Phase 6 25%-dead

Deathwing will now land scared and mutilated from the blessing of the Old Gods. He now has two heads which must be assigned a tank each. The left head is named "Death" and the right head is named "Wing". The "Death" Tank must always have at least 25% hp or they will become Death it's self and blow up the raid. The "Death" tank will get cursed every 10 seconds that will cause 50% of your total health every 3 seconds. This must be dispelled ASAP. The "Death" Tank must also never use aoe, as the "Wing" head has no threat table and attacks the last person to hit him. The "Wing" Tank has to keep a dot up to ensure the wing tank does not hit anyone else. When the "Wink" head is attacking, he will do 1% of your total health every 2 seconds and his melee attacks reduce your total health by 10%. This makes it very dangerous for the "Death" Tank to gain aggro. During this phase you only damage the "Death" head. The "Death" head will die at 13% health. When this happens the "Wing" head will enrage and gain an aggro table. The two tanks must then taunt swap to prevent their total health from dropping too low. Once the "Wing" head is dead, the body of Deathwing will fall. From the ashes, Kael'thas Sunstrider will rise dual wielding Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.
Kael'thas Sunstrider, the final boss of Cataclysm.
Phase 1 100%-60%

When Kael'thas is pulled, he will have an aura that reduces his foe's haste by 2%. Hero is advised to be used here as phase 1 is a huge DPS race. He has a massive 130Million HP and will burn the raid to death in 5 minutes. This means for a standard 10 player raid group of 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps. Each dps must have 34666 DPS on average to down him. During the phase, he will capture a healer and MC him. While the healer is MC he will cast heals on Kael'thas. This heals will heal him for 1% of his health. The cast time is 2.5 seconds and MUST be interrupted. The MC healer can not be CCed. Because of this, 3 healers is required, as two is not enough to heal the incoming damage from Kael'thas. Kael'thas will use Bladestorm every 30 seconds which damage the entire raid for 40% of their current health. It is advised to keep the hp of DPS low, and tanks slightly high so there is not a huge amount of healing during bladestorms. The tanks need to be healed for a bit, because Kael'thas will use Kael'slash that will do damage equal to 100% of a tank's hp. The damage is split between the two closest targets, so if the tanks are not above 50% health, they will die. Luckly, Kael'slash will only be used 15 seconds after Bladestorm (In super heroic mode, he does Kael'slash instantly after Bladestorm so tanks must be at 100% health). Once Kael'thas hits 60% health Phase 2 starts.

Phase 2 60%-40%

During this phase Kael'thas will fly up in the air and Deepbreath the raid. He will cast a Deepbreath every 90 seconds and the Deepbreath will take away 10% of his health. When he casts Deepbreath he will give birth to Shades of Deathwing. Three shades spawn during each Deepbreath and have 3% of Kael'thas health. They are all in human form and when they land, they will use Immolation aura and Bladestorm. They will each chase a different healer. They are immune to taunt and move at 110% of your speed. They can be snared, but only to 100% of your speed. This means they must be killed ASAP or the healer will get Bonestormed. 90 seconds after the second Deepbreath, Kael'thas will land, any Shades of Deathwing still up, will stay alive and chase healers. An average dps of 26k is required to kill them all before Kael'thas lands. When he lands he will destroy the room, so that only a platform the size of the platform in the LK fight exists. Phase 3 will then start.

Phase 3 40%-30%

After Kael'thas breaks the room, he will merge with the spirit of Arthas. Kael'thas will then still MC a healer like in Phase 1, but will also now cast Defile on the tanks. He will also use soul swap, which will swap the places of everyone else, but the tanks, with the tanks (In the Defile). He will only use Soul swap after he uses defile. When he hits 30% Phase 4 will start.

Phase 4 30%-20%

When Phase 4 starts, everything from phase 3 still applies, but two new mechanics are introduced. The first is tiny phoenixes will spawn and pick up the tanks and try to take them to the sun. All dps MUST kill the phoenix or the tank will be immolated and die. The second mechanic is that Kael'thas no longer has an aggro table, but instead stands in one place, and turns around constantly very slowly. He will attack every 2 seconds, and his attacks cleave. This makes soul swap even more dangerous. If a tank is taken to the sun, Kael'thas gets empowered and will summon three more Shades of Deathwing (The Achievement for this fight is to let both tanks get taken to the sun. It is called "Might as well be walking on the sun"). At 20% Kael'thas will enrage and the final phase will start.

Phase 5 20%-dead

During this phase, Kael'thas will fly around in the air and will Double Deepbreath the raid. He will also throw down his weapons at the raid. The raid can now pick up Sulfuras and use it to finish off Kael'thas. When the players pick up Sulfuras, all of their action bars turn into one move, FURY OF RAGNAROS. This move will damage Kael'thas for 100k and heal you for 100% of the damage done. However, also during this phase, C'thun and Yogg-saron show up and will fly between you and Kael'thas. FURY OF RAGNAROS does not target, and must be aimed. If it hits C'thun or Yogg-saron, then Kael'thas will not take any damage. Every time C'thun or Yogg-saron get hit, they will heal Kael'thas for the damage done. So to down Kael'thas, 51% of the throws have to hit him. This phase only lasts for 70 seconds, because after that, Kael'thas will merge with C'thun and Yogg-saron and WoW ends. The servers crash and the game is over forever. When Kael'thas finally falls, he will drop a mount, Reins of Deathwing, this is a legendary mount where you fly around on Deathwing and breath fire on people to give them "Stood in Fire" Achievement.
Dare I do this with the risk of being mauled by a rabid, mouth breathing troll, but I shall anyway....

Bad idea is bad.

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That's crazy talk!
You forgot the part where Milhouse Manastorm shows up and double crosses Deathwing, and shouts:

"Time to open up a can of whupass!"
You forgot the part where Milhouse Manastorm shows up and double crosses Deathwing, and shouts:

"Time to open up a can of whupass!"

Then a crystal worm bursts through the ground and flings him into the sky, team-rocket-is-blasting-off-again style.
You forgot the part where Milhouse Manastorm shows up and double crosses Deathwing, and shouts:

"Time to open up a can of whupass!"

You mean the part where Milhouse and that guy in the badlands that boasts about punching deathwing in the face come and steal the killing blow?
I'm not trying to help Blizzard design mechanics. THIS IS THE FINAL BOSS, just trust me.
This is the best leak ever.

This sounds like a dream I had
Yes, yes and more yes. This may be the most eloquent and intertwined implementation of lore and game mechanics I've ever seen.
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