Problems w/questing in Stonetalon?

I've completed about 6 quests in Stonetalon:

Beware of Cragjaw
Help for Desolace
Hellscream's Legacy
Do Yourself A Favor
Return to Stardust
The Only Way Down Is In A Body Bag

However, none of them are thread/chain quests, and I can't start any chains in the area. I've found questgivers like Sentinel Heliana and Lord Fallowmere, but if I can interact with them at all, I get brief dialog and no quest pane. My achievement tracker for Stonetalon Mountain Quests only shows 6/60 completed, I don't have a Hero's Call into Stonetalon, and I'm completely at a loss. This is one of the few areas I have left for Loremaster of Kalimdor, and i'm terribly frustrated. Does anybody have any ideas?
The main quest chain in Stonetalon actually begins at a Night Elf outpost in Ashenvale, just outside the mouth of Talondeep Path. It's a bit confusing because the first few quests in the chain actually involve killing things around Silverwind Refuge, also in Ashenvale. However, after those quests are done, you begin to push into Stonetalon. Just don't forget to get the quest from The Bomb when you see it in Ashenvale. It's an important part of the chain.
I still cant find any quests. Stuck after about 10 that started in ashenvale, even using EveryQuest add-on, all the quest givers arent giving. Gotta be another way to get started on these chains i'm missing. Maybe a lead in from Barrens?
Same problem. did the quests in ashenvale. The last one took me into stonetalon to kill incinerator orcs but the quest receiver had no new orders.
IIRC, there should also be some automatic quest that you get when you enter the zone at that point, coming from the gnomecorder. You may want to make sure there aren't any addons interfering with that.

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