Can u moonkin in resto gear?

I leveled as a feral, so i have some quest/dungeon greens/blues feral gear. but at lvl85, ive been pvping as a resto, so all the honor i get i spend towards resto pvp gear. i dont invest enough time in this game to be farming enough honor for a feral and resto set.

so my question is this. for solo pve/dailies, am i better off in my feral spec with crappy feral gear or in balance spec with decent resto gear? sure its not ideal, but ive reached the pvp hit cap and have heaps of intellect, surely its better than the feral approach?
I do it for dailies/occasional fun pvp

you'll lack haste/crit.. but its doable
Resto and boomkin gear is basically the same due to Balance of Power Talent. The differences comes from reforging. For quests/dailies using the same gear is fine
I can keep up with our other dps in raids when I have to go dps, despite until recently having almost no difference between my healing set and dps set (only difference for ages was Dream Owl -> Jeweled Serpent). Resto and Balance have a very similar stat priority.
only thing that wouldnt switch over are trinkets and weapon enchants that specify "healing spell has x chance to do y effect"
or "x type of damage has y chance to do z effect"

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there really is no difference in healing / dps gear aside from trinkets and weapon enchant with the +hit talent. i'm usually top 3 in healing / dps while raiding (depending on the fight). unless you are min / max'ing for top theoretical dps, you won't see much of a change.
Dang forums seem to hate Safari browser. >.>

Anyways: nope, not much difference. Though you may have a bit too much spirit(hit) if you don't change anything and yeah, trinkets definately would need to be changed if their effects are do x when healing or do y when doing damage.

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