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Since last night I have been having Low Health scroll across my screen randomly. At anytime it could happen while out or in combat and my health is fine. Asked people in my guild and it has been happening to them too.
If I remember right the default UI interface doesn't show this kind of warning while out of combat, so it could be a glitch in an addon.

DBM definitely has this kind of messaging as part of the addon, and it's one used by a large number of players- so I'd check the DBM support site to see if there are posts by other players on the issue.

Of course, it could be another addon you are using, but since most people use DBM it would be my first guess.
UI reset (http://us.battle.net/support/article/300544) would be my first step, even if you don't use DBM or other addons. You can rename the WTF and Interface folder, to go default and not lose your addon information if you do use addons. See if you still get that message afterwards.

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