Your character when you aren't playing.

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I was at work yesterday, talking to regulars, when I thought about this in game. I figured it might be a way to generate roleplay by someone who sees a post here and can use it for walk ups.

Feel free to post if you are open to the idea!

Where would you character frequently regular when you are offline?
What would they be doing?
Are they with anyone?

Marie has a pretty set schedule. In the morning she goes to the Cathedral and in the afternoon she walks to the Blue Recluse, then to the ledge by the Slaughtered lamb to eat lunch. The rest of her day is spent in the Cathedral/Cathedral Square.

--Her morning trip to the Cathedral is to hand out simple breakfast kits to people; a skin of water and a muffin.
--When she returns to the Cathedral she works in the first aid room instructing it an healing those who may have injured themselves.
--More often than not, she is alone.
Avauru stays at home and takes care of his kids, mostly.
12/27/2015 08:39 AMPosted by Avaruus

Who is this Avauru you speak of.

Mario here spends time at his forge or with his children, for the most part. Only occasionally he spends it out and about anymore.
Dealing with my fanon lumbermill and the town that popped up around it or trading at the markets and auction houses. Or dropping bombs on Syndicate or Crushridge camps from his gyrocopter. In his free time after trading hours while he happens to be in the EK cities he'll either be fishing or reading in the Cathedral or the Hall of Explorers.

And he surely doesn't frequent Ironforge's Hall of Disco in the Dance Ward. Nope, surely not.
It's a great thought exercise. I would go a step further and denote two or three sorts of activities that such 'downtime' can represent.

It's very useful for me, for instance, because I have massive alt-itis, and a diminishing amount of free time, and I just don't have the time to roleplay all of my characters. Levi, for instance, gets a lot of thought, but not a lot of in-game time because of other commitments.

Central Goals: Activities that support the motivations and obligations a character has undertaken, and is done in support to the player's concept for the character.
Maintenance Activities: Activities that consist of maintaining everyday or consistent activities. This includes any activity initiated during roleplay, or downtime.
Time Flow Information:One can also talk about how the flow of time has affected their character. Advancing age or seasonal changes in the character's routine.

What sort of activities are there to describe?

- Jobs.
Do you work for a living? Do you do volunteer work?
Do you own or operate a business? What exactly do you do for your livelihood?

Example: Leviticus is Headmaster of the New University of Stormwind. On top of administrative tasks, he also teaches History and Magic. The majority of his time is spent at work.

- Training
Are you doing anything to improve or maintain your skills? Do you exercise? Are you constantly pushing yourself through to the next level? Or are you just getting by on your natural skills? Or are you doing just enough to maintain?

Example: Levi gets up everyday before dawn to squeeze in his morning workout. He just does not have time to hit the gym on a regular basis, so his morning runs and workouts have to do. As a result, he keeps in slim, but athletic shape.

- Research
Similar to training, do you keep up with the latest news? Or spend time trying to make breakthroughs or develop new techniques or work towards making new breakthroughs in magic or science?

Example: Levi does not have as much time as he would like to research, but keeps up with the latest papers concerning history and magic. He's also known to stop and listen to the Gnomish Gnews at Gnine once in a blue moon to keep up to date on the latest news. And in particular, to listen to Breel's latest recipes.

- Hobbies
This should be pretty self-explanatory. Are there any hobbies that your character undertakes between roleplay?

Example: Leviticus has very little free time, so much of his maintenance becomes his hobbies. Cooking has become a passion for him, but at the same time, he occasionally sketches pictures and paints landscapes when he has some free time.

- Family/Personal Life
Be as detailed as you feel you should pay attention to your character. Do you devote much time to yourself or to your family? This can include things like whether or not you do the cooking at home, or does someone else? Or do you rely on 'outside help' for some of your home life?

Example: After his workouts, Levi spends part of his morning preparing breakfast and boxed lunches for his family. He has his wife, three grown adopted children, and a young daughter to take care of. While he's at work, his extended family shares responsibility for the youngest child. After work, Levi rushes home to get dinner started, and never misses reading his daughter a bedtime story (complete with illusion magic to accentuate the story).

- Social Circles
While you generally roleplay social links, you can support your character's personality and concept by describing the type of people that they would generally speak with, including people whom you regularly interact with (like your guildmates, for example). Do you play social chess games with them? Are you just dude-bros with them? Or are your social interactions there to support your goals?

Example: Levi's position as Headmaster of the University guides his interactions with others. Not only does he have to maintain good relations with his students and faculty, but also with donors and patrons to the school. As a result, Levi often brings guests to dinner, and then sometimes goes out to formal parties with nobles and the like in order to maintain good relations with the city. This includes members of the clergy and of Stormwind's law enforcement/military.

- Any other ongoing commitments that the character is continuing to meet, but which have limited opportunity for recognition or profit, or want to be a part of, but just don't have the time to roleplay (i.e. continuing to volunteer at the Shattrath or Bridenbrad hospital, raising a foster child, etc.)

Example: Levi supports adventuring parties and knightly groups, particularly those whom he banks on bringing him artifacts of their finds or books to read. He also volunteers every Winter's Veil with his family to feed the cold and needy.
Garion stays in his county in Westfall watching his kid, Anna. Also dealing with other things and what not. Also he prays at the Cathedral for a few hours three times a day at the Cathedral. He spends a lot of time reading. Thats about it.
I would assume Etu would either be practicing druidry spells, tending to chores around the medical bay in Hearthglen, or sleeping.
Already drew it =D
Elizabeth mainly sits in her office in Ronae'danil, handling paperwork that she really should be delegating to the other Barons of her County. She also spends a few hours napping.
I kill two demons in the morning.
I kill two demons at night.
I kill two demons when I kill two demons,
And then I kill two more.
Bakuzan busies herself filing forms detailing property damage done by her employees, or, given free time, gardening.

She doesn't get much gardening done anymore.
When not off sailing, Solaru would be doting on his grandchildren.They'd probably be toddling until they were three or so because he'd refuse to let them go >>
Vesiana is a well respected trainer of magi, so she spends her days teaching the proper way to turn rats into water goblets and making feathers float.
12/27/2015 08:06 AMPosted by Marie
Where would you character frequently regular when you are offline?
What would they be doing?
Are they with anyone?

Plains would -only- ever be seen in either Thunder Bluff, or the Stonewind Village(Sunrock Retreat). While in Thunder Bluff, she is often buying and selling various little odds and ends she finds, as well as raw resources for the Tribe whenever she can. When in the village, she can usually be found fishing, foraging for precious stones, herbs, nuts, berries, and the like... Or using said foraged goods to make food and simple, tribally themed amenities, such as weaving baskets, preparing healing kits, and cooking food. Several times a day, she will often volunteer to make rounds of the village, passing out packs of food to the guards, usually water, milk, or berry juice, along with fresh fish and equally fresh bread, oh, and usually a small pack of nuts and dried berries.

Unless specifically stopped by a tribes mate, or using her crude Taurahe to barter with the AH keeps in Thunder Bluff, then she is usually alone, or at the very least, trying to stay out from under hoof. XD

basically, you can tell when I've 'fed' the guards IC/IG when they have Blessing of Kings. >.>
12/27/2015 06:44 PMPosted by Vesiana
Vesiana is a well respected trainer of magi, so she spends her days teaching the proper way to turn rats into water goblets and making feathers float.

*Studies how to turn her rabbit into an oozling, and make a puddle flout*
Lynn mostly sit at her desk in her place, Writeing reports and looking over the injury lists. Keeping stock of the medical supplies.
Though at home, she's taking care of her kids, and spending time with them whenever she can.
Hunting, scavenging and sacrificing to the Loa.

Brunch may be in the middle of it all.. because.. once you go brunch, you never want lunch.
12/27/2015 10:23 AMPosted by Réase
Already drew it =D

"Was that the scotch I bought you? Light weight."

Z plays her cello and avoids social contact.
Bjorn and Thea both stare at a wall somewhere unresponsive.

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