Starting off the day correct

Bleeding Hollow
You are so good at warlock.

There you go I stroked your ego you're welcome.
At least you a gnome and not a sell out human. /bow
Very nice Lucy!
01/01/2016 01:26 AMPosted by Syntàxx
At least you a gnome and not a sell out human. /bow

I always say go Gnome or go home. :D
Sniping KBs with shadowburn. Yawn...
Pretty hard to be just sniping KBs with Shadowburn when I am topping the damage as destro.(lol) Also a lot of those kills were with a Chaos Bolt(cuz they were not near shadowburn range lol). My Chaos Bolts hit like a ton of bricks when I use only my 2 piece set bonus and my pve rings.
Dem 200k chaos bolts doh tough stuff
mine hit 160k - 170k no procs in rated pvp
I have had them hit over 270k in rated pvp with mastery proc, trinket proc, and dark soul
This isn't including zerker buff or in random bgs when I can use int rune(50 int), sleeper sushi(125 mastery), greater draenic potion(250 int) and the on use int potion for 1000 more int. This also isn't including when I hit an FC with stacks. This also isn't including the legendary ring on use I can only use in wpvp. :P

^This isn't including multistrike or the fact I am a Gnome without the double damage trinkets.
Int potions in randoms is textbook try-hard.
Which horde toon on that scoreboard was you? LOL
01/02/2016 02:13 PMPosted by Stragir
Int potions in randoms is textbook try-hard.

Random no name iwc bad talking crap, doesn't rallys have a speech for you to listen to?
bgs are mostly bots now meh :/

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