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Taboo is mildly similar to voodoo.

"Stay away from the Taboo, mon."

I like it: 8/10
9/10; I like it
9/10 cool name

Mine is a french word.

It mean scorch

A good name for a fire mage.

It seems like a perfect name for a fire Mage: 10/10
@Snippet: Makes me think of something small. Very fitting for a gnome. 10/10 :)
I am sadly having a hard time with yours. Imma say 6/10 Its sounds draenei ish
9/10, mon
5/10 the 5 was for fluffy which makes me think of something cute but i points deducted because i dont know what wuzums are...

nice name! 10/10

7/10. I think I have a cousin with a similar name.

10/10 very elven. Nice choice in headgear too!

8/10 sounds dirty

6/10. Sounds too masculine.

So slow, and this is not wotlk. 6/10 (9/10)

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