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I am in Blackwing Descent and have no idea how to down Maloriak.
Is there a trick that I am missing? I am damaging him, that's not an issue but out of nowhere (after a red vial) I got one hit. Can someone please explain this to me?

Thanks in advance!
would help if you had rings equipped
12/28/2015 12:09 PMPosted by Laenia
would help if you had rings equipped

Combat is so OP with daggers, you really don't need rings!
Yes, you are probably right although for some dumb reason I seem to have lost my damn rings. Chances are I was stupid and accidently sold them. Which sucks, regardless I was asking more if there was a technique to killing this guy or can I just stand there and wail on him.
Truthfully, you should not be having much trouble getting Maloriak down.

However, your gear is atrociously bad. It's not even good for being a fresh level 100. Aside from the obvious problem of your missing rings, your average iLevel is 566. The last thing you should be worried about is soloing old content.

1. Get rings.
2. Replace your daggers with maces/swords/axes around 2.8 speed. Daggers are for Subtlety and Assassination - not combat. Your DPS will increase significantly.
3. Upgrade... all of your gear. I'd ordinarily recommend doing Tanaan, but in your current state you will get stomped. If you have honor, spend it on iLevel 700 gear; check the AH/old apexis vendors in Warspear if you have gold. Check to make sure you don't have better gear from quests in your inventory. Your trinkets are terrible too, you'd be better off with lower iLevel stat sticks than those; especially since Touch of the Void's main effect is disabled in raids. I assume that's true for low level raids too.
4. Take Anticipation as your 90 talent. The other 2 choices are situational/PvP oriented - you will get much more return from it.

Now, once all of that is sorted, Maloriak shouldn't be a problem and should die literally in a few hits. If he is still lasting a while, you'll want to keep a few things in mind.

1. The fire spell you are dying to is meant to be split between the entire raid. Soloing it, you'll eat the entire amount. More gear will increase your health pool dramatically and might invalidate this mechanic to begin with. Otherwise, keep Feint up as it reduces your AoE damage received by 50%; or Cloak of Shadows when he goes to use it.
2. The adds he summons throughout the fight have an aura that increase the damage all other enemies, including Maloriak do, and reduce their damage taken. Once the boss reaches ~20% or so, he'll summon all of the remaining ones at once. If you haven't been killing them, the aura will stack to such an insane amount that he will pretty much become unkillable. If you can't burn the adds down with the aura, wait until Green phase when the aura is removed to kill them. Ideally, save CDs for the "Release All Minions" phase so that he dies before they come into range.

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