Socially Awkward is reloading! 3/13M!

Guild Recruitment
Good morning...

Socially Awkward is an Alliance guild on Elune (merged with Gilneas). This is an Eastern zone server and we raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 8-1130 EST.

We are currently 3/13M and need to do a reload due to some people leaving the game.

We have a few openings that need immediate reloading!

Heals: RShaman/MWMonk/Hpally
DPS: Lock/Mage/Hunter/Pally/Spriest

If you're any of the above classes please apply right away!

Socially Awkward has been raiding since early BC. We're not some fly by night guild that just formed last week and looking to field a few new people, we take pride in clearing content while it's current and are looking for a few new people to help us reload our roster to finish HFC and push into Legion. If you're already socially awkward, and chances are that you are since you're playing WoW, then come wear the tag that shows all your friends! or chat with me in game ASAP! Emmit#1342
bump for new recruits
bump again
looking for some Monks and RDPS like Warlocks Mages and Priests even play Shadow anymore?
started 2 trials this week, looking for a few more!
who's Socially Awkward? I'm betting you are! Come app and raid with us to find out!

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