HIGH home latency, low world latency

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Like the title states, this is an issue that just started happening on xmas and still hasnt gone away, making the game almost unplayable. I have no idea how to fix this.

I called my ISP (TWC) and they said everything was fine, strong signal, whatever.

restarted my router and modem, idk what else I can do. I also tried power cycling and flushing the DNS. None of them worked.

Please help T_T

p/s: Nice xmas present, blizzard.
All your ISP did was check the health of the analog signal connection from their headend node to your modem. That will confirm that there is no line problem between those 2 points, but that's it.

There can still be congestion problems anywhere in their network, or their peering ISP's network.

Your steps so far would have kicked your modem back into sync with the headend if that was the problem, but wouldn't resolve any kind of congestion or wireless issues.

The first thing we want to eliminate is any kind of internet congestion problem. It's not uncommon for ISPs to have congestion problems at certain points in their networks.

Therefore first we will check your connection path all the way to blizzard.

- use the IP addresses on the Pathping help page https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/running-a-pathping-test
- this test will not auto terminate- so please let it run a good 10+ minutes.
- use the Copy Text to Clipboard button to copy the results, then shift insert them in your thread.

Both pathping and winMTR include doing a tracert so there is no need to duplicate that test. The winMTR test is actually the better of the 2 in both cases since it lets us run the testing over longer periods of time and produces more details on what each hop on the path is showing.

Are you getting this high home latency in spikes? Because that's been happening to me ever since the last patch came up.
I log with 200-250ms then it starts climbing up to 3000. Then it falls and it's been like this for a couple days. Everything else in my internet is fine all the way.

Have opened a ticket already did the whole test things, they said it's the internet provider. I'm very skeptical since a lot of guildies have been complaining of similar issues.

Just to add I'm with the same problem.

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