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Heyo, has anyone else been having issues in-game after they've gone & purchased a Character Faction change & i'm not able to be invited to a guild? Anyone else having a problem like this? Or sometimes when you name change a toon you can't see anything in the Guild Roster etc? My paladin is currently guildless & can't be invited because when they try to they get a message saying that their toon is already in the guild??


Judgementx - Dreadmaul - 100 Human Paladin.
This has been an issue for a while. To prevent it, make sure you actually do leave your old guild before performing any services.

However, if you are affected by this, try to get in contact with an officer in your original guild and have them type "/gremove OldCharacterNameHere" and if that doesn't work, "/gremove NewCharacterNameHere". The problem is that you are not properly being removed from your original guild, though you do not show up in the roster either. Typing the command should fix it, and if you can't do that for whatever reason, open a GM ticket and they will sort it out for you.

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