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As I've said elsewhere...

Me and mine are still bailing out of PoS on zone-in while PUGing. Still polite, still not insulting, but the dungeon is still not worth the time and likely headaches of understandably "not used to this" from the current community. We have alts, we have options, and folks aren't entitled to each other's participation. The leap from the other TW dungeons to PoS, for this current community, is not worth our time unless we bring 5/5.

The current MMO market is too saturated to put these sorts of main thoroughfare activities behind this kind of intimately exposed, small group learning curve. Rather than spending a half hour wiping and typing, swearing and running back, we just switch to alts, as is our right, and everyone else's.

Honestly, timewalking is the only time we even brave 5-mans any more as a guild that maybe can field 3 people on a good day (and before anyone says "recruit," we're a RL friends guild, so no). We're looking forward to Legion presenting new and rewarding options other than the intimacy of "hope the other 2-3 people respect the content." The "outdoor endgame" of legion will be a game changer, and I can see 5-mans reverting to being "guild activities," which honestly is all they have the right to be anymore. The sales pitch of a large community is pointless when we're so empowered to ruin each other's day.
Actually had fun even with many boss wipes in PoS and HoL. The long corpse run was my only complaint. Started in 3.3 but didn't hit max level until Cata. The portals in those Cata dungeons were nice.
1- Pit of Saron's difficulty is fine. I hope they keep it.
2- WoD Heroics' difficulty is also fine. they offered decent challenge (some dungeons more than others) when you did it with the right ilvl, but seem really easy now because of ilvl and other stuff.
Heroic Grimrail Depot with the right gear was way harder than Timewalking Pit of Saron in my opinion.
So nice to read this post. I agree that playing the timewalking dungeons was a blast this time around.
Pugged all timewalkers this week. Didn't wipe once and I got to experience some pretty abysmal tanks.

The PoS run I did stands out because the same dk died on every trash pull and boss. Obviously they didn't get the generic mmo memo:
1.) Don't stand in stuff
2.) Stun/interrupt things
3.) Casters die first

I feel bad that some of the playerbase still doesn't know this and wish it was communicated earlier in the leveling experience.
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The fact that Scourgelord is Forceful Smashing my BiS prot paladin for 34k when I only have 35k health with stats and stamina buffs is a problem. Please don't be so pedantic and naive to think that everyone saying it's overtuned because they die to Garfrost stacks covers all of the bases.

Thank you for posting this. There are too many ignorant players posting about Pit not being a problem when Forceful Smash proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is.

All these tanks QQ'ing about getting hard when they don't have to use abilities to actively mitigate hostile mob moves. I would -love- to see you guys in Pre-Cata raids. Lol
Today in a Timewalking Dungeon I...

01/10/2016 11:59 AMPosted by Fred
Healed a party.
Asked my group to strategize to defeated a boss.
Got interrupted
Dispelled the wrong debuff.
Thanked a mage for dispelling Curse of Tongues
Spirit linked
Left a group that would not work together.
Found Tremor Totem can prevent a wipe

Watched players rise to a challenge, succeed and space bar spam to the next one.

It's amazing what players can do when they cant brute force content and are forced to think on their feet.
I miss the dungeons were Cc was required and targets had to be marked. It's sad.
Pit of saron was never hard before. Its harder NOW than it was THEN.

You never needed CC. You never really needed interrupts (just move away from the guy that casts hellfire). Unlike what people are saying here it was a total faceroll even then.

Looking at the OPs achievement dates it looks like he got all wrath heroics the same week the patch went live with these dungeons. meaning he had just started level 80 content when this dungeon came out so of course it seemed hard to the OP back then. The rest of us had been over a year into the expansion at that point.

These three dungeons where painfully easy at the time with the exception of the gauntlet in the third one. That gave a lot of people trouble but there was still a cheap way to bypass it.

I literally tanked PoS with every tanking class when it was still new and never ever used CC on anything. It was a pain going up the hill on my bear but we managed just fine the other 3 classes just tore that place up especially my DK and pally.

TL;DR Op thinks they where hard because he was a fresh level 80 when they came out.
Have to wonder if most of todays players would know what to do if the tanked marked the pack with a skull, moon, blue square and purple diamond.
i dont understand this community, i had a set specifically for tanking timewalking that made it nearly impossible for me to die. t13 2 set siege 2 set. so i pulled as much as i saw fit sometimes 4-5 pulls and everyone survived or maybe 1 special snowflake died because of standing in bad stuff.

i got raged at so much for successfully finishing timewalker dungeons in 5-7 minutes.

i dont get it.
Having done the dungeons when they were current, these timewalking dungeons give an accurate glimpse of what it was like when they were current. They may be a tiny bit overtuned in timewalking, probably due to our low health pools, but honestly, the bosses have a couple of mechanics to worry about at most.

First boss, get behind a boulder to drops stacks when he goes to the forges.
Second boss, move away when he does his 1 shot poison bomb, and run away form him if he chases you.
Last boss, don't hit him when yr targeted with a red ray and dont heal with green ray and dont stand in ice bombs (equiv of not standing in fire)

That's it. I can't understand why people find this dungeon so difficult.
Honestly the biggest issue in PoS right now is Forceful Smash hitting WAY too hard. It can one-shot some tanks, and even the ones that live through it may be screwed over if their healer has the mark. Also IIRC when it was current hoarfrost never targeted tank but it seems to be in timewalking......I could be wrong about it not being like that in the past though.

But yeah Forceful Smash is the worst part overall. The rest of it being awful is just down to people knowing how to hit their buttons right and not stand in AoE.
01/12/2016 03:59 PMPosted by Carlsbèrg
Have to wonder if most of todays players would know what to do if the tanked marked the pack with a skull, moon, blue square and purple diamond.

You forgot X marker!
Reading all these people complain about PoS makes me wish they would roll out HoR in Timewalking. delicious...
I played around with this a bit with non-timewalking, watching CDs on the boss and seeing what he did.

With DBM tracking the CD on Forceful Smash, you should be able to time mitigation accurately. The problem I was seeing was probably caused by kiting when it wasn't necessary (because everyone said I should be constantly kiting).

He will hit you with Forceful Smash as soon as the CD is up and you're close enough to hit. One problem arises if you've been kiting him so he doesn't get any melee swings on you either. When he does catch up to you, he hits you with melee and Forceful Smash at the same time.

With a Bear, the initial melee hit will create a shield that helps absorb the smash, but mostly it will tend to kill the tank even with mitigation active.

Timewalking has Normal mechanics, so you don't need to kite over ice (needed in Heroic because Unholy Power doesn't have a speed reduction). I did note that being smashed and flying back over ice does slow you briefly even if you don't land in it. So, don't kite, so the melee swing and smash don't occur at the same time, use mitigation a second before smash CD is up, then just keep away from him until he's no longer unholy (he'll quickly run to you once it's up).

I do wonder if Hoarfrost won't target you if the boss is hitting you regularly or something. In any case, the CD for Hoarfrost and Smash don't seem to line up unless you've delayed Smash by kiting.

Advantage to not kiting over ice is that melee dps can actually do something.

I wish there was a Timewalking difficulty setting, that would do the TW scaling even when the event isn't active. All dungeons could be marked with player level, gear level and Heroic or Normal. Items dropped would be the normal items for that instance, not the TW gear (and not the TW exp if still leveling). Could even do the same for raids, open 'em all up.

Dungeons that are currently TW would just use the scaling currently being used. Scaling for the others could just be assigned quickly to start, and adjust as people get experience with them, if some aren't quite right it's no big deal.

This would open up all instances to timewalking without requiring that they be perfect initially. I bet it could be done pretty easily now that the framework for scaling is in place.
Only thing I hated about this round (did 4000 badges worth as a warrior tank) was that warrior active mitigation outside of shield wall is completely worthless vs Forceful smash & that rimefang will not only target the tank, but stun them right before the smash so they can't even use active mitigation.

Everything else was fine. Personally Gun'drak was undertuned for the first boss. That fight was a Nightmare before you got at least naxx gear. When DPS let it go for 2+ poison novas & people started getting wrapped.

Also barrage + extra boss in old kingdom made me want to cry. So many hunters made that fight take a year.
hohoho ( whips it out ) those things ( time walker dungeons ) are so easy i rarely see anyone health drop below 75 % on any of them but to let you in on a little secret this one time i was auto running in hfc and got cought in the green fire insuring my death but i was gripped out by a friend of mine just in time.. not sure if that fits in here but yeah
Timewalking can be trivialized with proper gearing for it and +10 main stat gems. Anyone can get a decent timewalking setup rather quickly.

I played through it on timewalking a few times this past WoTLK Holiday week with no issues. It was arguably easier than when it originally came out.

I never seem to have the horrible luck with LFD that everyone else does either. I normally wind up with fairly competent players who can pull their weight.

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