[A]9/13M<Battle Hardened>T/W 6-9PST - HUNTER

Guild Recruitment
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<Battle Hardened> is a PVE/PVP guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server of World of Warcraft. With a close-knit group of friends, we boast a heroic/mythic raid team, a competitive RBG team, and a friendly atmosphere for all.

<Battle Hardened> Schedule:
All times listed are PST
* Tuesday 6-9pm server - Mythic Progression
* Wednesday 6-9pm server - Mythic Progression
Thursday 6-9pm server - Heroic Alt Run
Friday 6-9pm server - Bear Kingdom (Raid Team 2)
Saturday 6-9pm server - Bear Kingdom (Raid Team 2 cont.)
Sunday 6-9pm server - H Archimonde Carries

* mandatory raid night for progression raiders

"Mandatory" implies that if you're on the roster and haven't said you'll be absent, we'll see you there. We hold a strict understanding that RL>WOW, so if you can't make it, don't stress! Just communicate with us!

Current Progression:
13/13 Normal HFC
13/13 Heroic HFC
9/13 Mythic HFC

We are currently looking for:
  • 720+ iLvl
  • 4piece heroic tier
  • Legendary ring
  • Heroic Class Trinket (if applicable)
  • The desire to be in a close-knit, friendly group
  • Any highly motivated and high performing raiders who want to progress through mythic content.

    Warlock - HIGH
    Hunter - HIGH
    Rogue - medium
    All new raiders will need to complete a raid trial with us, usually held on a Tuesday night. Permanent core raid spots will not be guaranteed to any prospective raiders until after the trial is completed, regardless of iLvl or prior experience, though stand-in slots are always available.

    Additional Information
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about <Battle Hardened>, please do not hesitate to get in contact with any of our officers.

    Guild Master - Shalathe (valannia#1629)
    Co-GM - Lyress (lyrass#1728)
    Officers - Charnoble, Azraxil (azrael#1159), Riley (mole#1231)

    If you are interested in learning more about our guild, please visit battlehardened.shivtr.com or seek out one of our officers in-game!

    Updated 6/24/16
    We currently only have ONE spot for a NON-PLATE MELEE DPS for our mythic roster.

    That doesn't mean we don't have other spots available. We are hoping to run a 23-25man team for absences/emergencies, so stand-in spots are also up for grabs. Everyone will have a fair share of sitting the bench depending on the fight(s) - no one will be perma-benched!

    MYTHIC PROGRESSION STARTS TUESDAY (1/5/16). Are you ready?
    Still looking for a WW monk, ENH shaman, or FERAL druid for our mythic roster!
    We're still searching to fill our roster for Mythic!
    Please check your apps! :)
    Need to pick up another melee (fury warrior/dk pref - would love one with a tank OS!) and another ranged dps (healer OS is a huge bonus!) before Tuesday!
    We're still looking for another melee and another ranged dps!
    Mythic HFC starts tomorrow and we've still got a some slots to fill!
    Starting mythics in less than 24hrs! We're extremely pumped to begin progressing again as a guild. Still looking for a few last-minute spots!
    There's still time to apply to the website before mythic HFC tonight!
    2/13M down tonight in our first night raiding mythics! We still have some spots!

    We are currently recruiting the following:

    Priest - Disc
    Shaman - Enh
    Death Knight - Unholy/Frost
    Druid - Boomkin
    Warlock - Affi/Destro
    Druid - Feral

    Add Valannia#1629 or Mole#1231
    Still looking for some people for mythic raiding!
    We could definitely use a disc priest and another dps or two for mythic!
    Still looking!
    Still have some dps spots we'd like to fill before next week's raid! We're doing our usual heroic stuff tonight in case anyone would like to come hang out and see how we roll before mythics next week.
    Still looking for:

    Shaman - ENH
    Death Knight - FROST (Need 2)
    Still looking for:

    Shaman - Enhance
    Death Knight - Unholy/Frost
    Druid - Boomkin
    Warlock - Affi/Destro

    And we might take a WW monk.

    Get in contact with either myself (Mole#1231) or our GM (Valannia#1629) if you're interested!
    Good morning! We could still use a few dps for mythic tonight!
    Looking to bring down Kormrok and Council tonight. That's the goal, anyways! You still might be able to trial with us tonight if you get in contact with us soon!

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