BDG Selling Mythic HFC

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Thanks for your interest in BDG sale runs! Many guilds are offering to sell HFC, some are even directly copy and pasting this very post (that's when you know you're doing it right, When you set the standard for those that follow), but not all of them can deliver the same quality of run that BDG can.

Our raids start at 9pm ST, and depending on what you're buying can last until 1am CST.

Blackrock Foundry: (sales occur on Tuesday)
Blackhand Mount + Loot 250,000g

Hellfire Citadel: (sales occur on Tuesdays)

Manno & Archimonde + Loot* + Archimonde Mount

Manno & Archimonde + Loot*

Blackhand Mount+ Manno & Archimonde + Loot* + Archimonde Mount

**Other HFC bosses available:
    Fel Lord

Be sure to mention that you would like to purchase one (or all) of these extra bosses when you book your run so that we can make plans to do them efficiently.

Glory of the Hellfire Raider 250,000g
Glory of the Draenor Raider 250,000g
These sales are always TBD. When enough people show interest to go, we will set a date. Just let us know to put you on a list for either of these runs and we will contact you when a run has been scheduled.


Q: But BDG, you guys are dumb! I saw someone spamming the same sale for a quarter of the price!

A: We know you did, but those people are either scamming or asking for additional payment.

For instance some people may sell a full clear with loot for 250k gold, but their fine print is 250k plus $600 dollars through paypal. Some people advertise cheap clears for just gold, but be extremely careful; it's a common scam to ask you to import a WeakAura for a boss, and the malicious WeakAura instead is a script to trade them all of your gold and rob you blind.

Remember, our sales will only be conducted through the tag "Big Dumb Guild". Feel free to ask someone in guild to verify the person's legitimacy who is talking to you about our sale runs.

Q: How is payment handled?

A: We take a 10% deposit to secure your spot and schedule you - remainder to be paid before we start pulling. Remaining payment needs to be paid all at once, not per boss. We will work with you to reschedule if you need to, however repeated last minute cancellations may result in the cancellation of your run and the loss of your deposit.

Q: How is Loot handled? ( * )

A: Nearly all of the loot goes to the buyer, however certain warforged or socketed things will go to our raiders instead. If this happens and you otherwise don't get loot off that boss, part of your purchase will be refunded for that boss. The following is reserved

Warforged & BiS trinkets and Weapons
BiS Items that are both Warforged & Socketed

Items dropping with these combinations are very rare, but some of the only pieces in the instance we need. Furthermore, if 2 items drop and one of them has a wf or socket and the other does not, the wf/socket item will be considered for our raiders. If no one needs it, it's of course yours, but you will only be guaranteed the non wf/socket item. This is a pretty standard practice among all guilds

Sales Contacts

Spart: Spartanicus#1917

Freakydiki: Freakydiki #1410

Dhaubbs: Dhobbs#1503

Comfykinzz: Smeggles#1778

/who Big Dumb Guild
Completed week 1. Sign ups are open for next week
selling on other realm too ? may be looking to buy the feltsteel mount
PSA: There is a level 90 Warlock named Lockdownn that has made a Guild named Big Dumb Guild with an Alt code that makes it look identical to our Guild. HE IS NOT IN OUR GUILD AND IS A SCAMMER. The only people that you should talk to about sells should be Spart or any officer.
Bump for week starting 1/19, still have a couple spots open
I bought the Ironhoof Destroyer tonight and the transaction couldn't have been more professional. The kill itself took less than 2 minutes. They also threw in all loot, including The Black Hand for a transmog.

Thanks again~

Smooth week 2, 1 night clear in both Mythic HFC runs, 2 Blackhand mounts completed @5 minutes each, and also a H-HFC clear completed in 1hr20m13s.

(-no longer selling Heroic HFC-)

Thanks to all that came this week! Slots already being filled for next, reserve your spot today friends.
Let us carry you bros! :D
Would you consider 1.5 Million for 13/13M with Loot and mount ?

Super fun week 3, Two 1 night clears, Two Blackhand Mounts, and a Heroic HFC done in 1hr15m

So come have some fun with us next time? Bump~
I would like to book a BH mount when its available :) Thanks

Just finished a 9/13M run with BDG and it went incredibly smooth and quick. I believe I acquired about 8-9 pieces of loot even with bad luck on my seals. Well worth the gold, very trustworthy and fair,would recommend to anyone wanting a fast,smooth run for a very good price. Reserve your spots!!!

10/18 banana's IGN would recommend :) Thanks again.
Looking to get Archimonde mount only , not loot needed How much could it be :) ( mythic mount )
01/13/2016 02:56 PMPosted by Spart

Archimonde Mount (no loot)
Thanks , forgot how to read it seems -_- , Any spot available soon ? , and do you accpet gold on any server ?
Illidan gold only, atm
Cyan:Wave2: Selling HFC type 888 if interested
Just finished up with an amazing 13/13 Mythic HFC, super smooth and very quick run, very trust worthy and really friendly.
Thanks heaps guys!!!
Finished a super smooth 13/13 Mythic HFC last night with these guys and could not be happier. The communication before hand put me at ease, and the effortless execution was impressive. These guys are very trustworthy and friendly. Thanks a ton BDG!

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