700+ tank/heals/dps looking for guild

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Hello , after a real life leave from wow for about 7 months I am back and sadly I came back guildless , i`m a vet player been raiding semi hardcore since nilla wow . im rusty atm and a bit behind , I come prepared and ready to raid i`m loyal and committed
What I have to offer
war tank/dps 703
druid tank/heals 700 tank 695 heals
sham heals/dps 695ilvl
hunter 680ilvl
loc 670ilvl

i can come with a optional dps or healer who also has been raiding since nilla we are husband wife combo
Qbrave#1407 we are open to any days or times
<Struggle is Real> - Sargeras - Alliance (13/13H 1/13M)

Greetings and Whalecum!

We are recruiting and we want your murlocs! I mean you, we want you…...

Our guild is full of casual laid back people. The average age group of our core is 25-35, but we are willing to take teens as well. We are a guild of jokers, but we have our serious moments too. We want people who will be dedicated and available. People that we can call friends and have a good time with.
No bullying or harassment will be accepted in this guild, we always respect one another and expect you to do the same. We have everything from veterans/soldiers from every branch to stay at home parents here. We're all just a group of fun-loving nerds and we love to add on to the nerdiness. We hope you'll consider joining us on all our WoW adventures!

Raid Information -
13/13H 1/13M
Raid Friday through Sunday, 6:00-10:00 PM Server Time/Central Standard Time (CST)
Use Loot Council System
We expect 80 - 100% Raid attendance
Want raiders looking to get into Mythic!

Currently Recruiting - Pref IL 705+ with Ring
Monk/Dk/War for Tank Spot
Monk - Mistweaver
Priest - Disc
Hunter - Marks
Dk - Unholy/Frost
Paladin - Ret

For more information on Struggle is Real or if you want to apply please visit: www.struggleisreal.wowlaunch.com
or Contact: Kìti (Iris#1860) (alt141) or Protatoe (Elii#1581)
Added you. would love to talk

<March On Eventide> Is a horde guild on Stormreaver-US. We are a fun group of adults that compile of ex mythic raiders, ex server first players, and also players that have only been around for an expansion for two. Our goals are simple. Enjoy the game to its fullest extent, keep a light raid schedule with a stress free environment, and still progress.

Current Progression 13/13 Normal HFC 13/13 Heroic HFC

Raid nights: Tues/Wed/Thursday 10pm-12am Central time.(CST) Wednesday is an optional farm night.

What you can expect: Stable raid environment, active guild outside of raids. Fun raid environment.

What we expect: Attendance. with a 6 hour raid schedule we expect you make the 2 nights for progression. the farm night is optional if you need to be out. maintain a postive attitude in the raid environment. simply said our core group is very close and we enjoy the environment. We keep it mellow, nothing over the top.

Requirements: 690+ ilvl and some HFC experience. Mumble voice program.

We are looking to fill out the 20 man roster as we will be starting mythic HFC in a reset or 2. We will allow cross realm trials that can be discussed in details via in game.

Recruitment needs: High, Immediate Raid openings.
Windwalker Monk
DPS warrior
Shadow Priest
DPS Death Knight
Also considering a Good hunter.

If you would like to Join March on Eventide or would like to chat more. please contact the following
Btag. Xionfalling#1834 or in game, Horizon, Xionfalling, Darkleaf, Snypeshow, Downtyme

Application process will be simply done in game. no long app to fill out.

thanks for looking

--Horizon, Recruiting Officer- <March On Eventide>
Hello there Resuscitated! We may be a good fir for you and your wife =) We are currently looking for a couple of DPS that are able to OS either heals or tanking when our regular folks have real life happen, or we have EVERYONE log on at once and need another heals =) The majority of the time would hopefully be DPSing, but it is nice to have the flexibility =) Our raids run Wed/Sun/Mon from 9PM-11:30PM PST. Here is a link to our recruiting thread:


If that sounds like something you would be interested in, I am adding your Btag now. It will come up as Fetal#1145 for me =) Hope to talk to you soon!
<Pony and the Bandits> has a close knit handful of friends at its core. We were hardcore raiders in WOTLK and the first half of Cata. Since then we have been playing on and off but have recently decided to return as a group to build a raid team that can have fun clearing WOD content, then take that team into more serious progression when Legion drops. We plan on a full clear of all three raids in Heroic difficulty. Mythic will be discussed as a group once that is complete.

Currently we have set Wednesdays at 7:30 server time as our only mandatory raid time. Each week we will discuss availability for a second night of serious raiding; if availability is low for a second night we will just do achievement runs, alt runs, group BG's, and things of that nature instead. We hope to build up raid team synergy and guild relationships in this way.

When Legion hits, the real progression starts. We'll have two mandatory raid nights at that point, and raiders can expect serious assistance from the guild bank in terms of getting raid ready and progressing at a strong pace. While we currently are taking a slightly laid back approach, we take raiding seriously and expect our team to as well. We are a friendly bunch who like to joke around, but we still expect everyone to show up on time with all consumable and item enhancements in order right at raid time.

Current openings are:
-rogue, ww, or feral dps
-DK or warrior dps
-mage or shadow priest
-enhancement shaman

Battlenet info is krayziejapan#1674 if interested, or reply below.
Hey there! You don't have to worry about being behind. We can defiantly help gear you up! Ill be sending you a request too

About Clandestine Chemists:
Clandestine Chemist is a semi-casual Alliance raiding guild on Firetree, looking for experienced and well rounded players for Hell Fire Citadel Heroics. We are currently 13/13 Normal HFC and 6/13 Heroic HFC. We are also willing to gear up new guild members if needed.The guild started between a very close group of friends and we are wanting to expand that network. Though we are a semi-casual guild between friends, we do expect people to pull their own weight.

Raid Times:
Wednesday 5-8 PST Thursday 5-8 PST

18 years or older
Voice System: Dolby Axon
Some raiding experience in this or previous expansions.

Role Recruitment:
Dps: All DPS except paladins.
Heals:All Heals except paladins
Tanks: Anything but a Monk and Druid (1 spot left)

If you are interested please respond to this post or add me at Brizzle #1589. We would love to hear from you.
Nascent<13/13N 9/13H> is a guild of friends that are returning to WoW after a break. The core group consists of players with various US top 50 experience. The officers all have vaious mythic experience from current content and would like to have the guild into mythic ASAP.

We currently raid 2 days a week but once Legion is released we will move into a 3 day schedule. As we only raid 3h a night time needs to be managed and used proficiently, so raiders must know the fights going into any progression.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday 8:30pm - 11:30pm (est)
Thursday 8:30pm - 11:30pm (est)

One more to be announced come legion.

Current need for the guild is healers none pally, A Off Tank and any exceptional DPS.

Our goal as a core is to be top 5 on server in legion and US top 500 so if you think you have what it takes feel free to throw in a app on website or contact a officer in game.

Chargerr BTag: Chargerr#1305

PS we have room for both of you and could really use a tank atm
Wiping with Style is a guild composed of mature working adults. We raid a 3 day 6 hour raid week i.e. 2 hours a night Mon/Tues/Thursday. 9pm EST to 11pm EST. The people we have are dedicated raiders that put the time and effort into raiding. We have only a few hours a week and we try very hard to not mess around and use every minute wisely. We have players with 13/13h and the guild is 12/13H. Either way we want to kill bosses. We use to be hardcore raiders and took a break, that lasted a few months.....
But we are back and we are trying to get a full 20 man roster in place for Legion and beyond. Also we want to clear heroics as fast as possible and make the smooth transition into Mythic raiding.

What I am looking for:

Item Level
700 plus
Range DPS,
ill take anything

Melee DPS,
Ill take whatever dont really matter to me.

Shamans get dibs and then Holy pally/Resto Druid

We good, unless your godly and you think you can show me how godly you are then sign up and impress me.

Lootmaster MS then OS and its /roll. Simple.

Raid times
again are Mon/Tues/Thurs 9 pm till 11 pm EST (you do the conversions)

Voice Chat
we use Mumble

If you are a sensitive person, whose feelings get hurt easily and then goes crying to the guild master to complain about being butt hurt....THIS IS NOT THE GUILD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! And PS he doesn't care if your butt hurt......
We joke around alot and insult each other quite a bit, if that makes you butt hurt THIS IS NOT THE GUILD FOR YOU!!!!!!
Flask/feasts/gems/chants we got all that, and it will be provided for free for those that decide to join.
I will cross realm for the time being until i can get a full team
18 years old and up, no kids!!!!!!!!!!
Trails will be cross realm for a 1 week period depending on how it goes. IMPRESS ME!
The first interview will be in mumble with myself.

Uldum Horde side

If you are interested in this style of raiding hit me up here with your name class/spec and battle tag. Then send me a friend request. I need to see who actually read this and it helps me to keep track of everyone.

My character is Influenzae and my battletag Bonerot#1371
Alliance an option? Gonna add your btag and chat with you

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