[A-EVENT] Twice-Monthly Colloquium Series

Wyrmrest Accord
Stormwind University is proud to announce its Colloquium Series in 2016!

WHEN: First and Third Wednesday of each month at the 6th bell of the evening ((6pm pacific)).

WHERE: The gatehouse east of Darnassus.

WHAT: Stormwind University professors and guest speakers from the Alliance will present fascinating talks on academic subjects of importance to us all—delivered in a friendly and non-academic tone that everyone can understand and enjoy.

Topics may include and are not limited to:

  • History
  • Religion
  • Biology
  • Alchemistry
  • Martial arts and sparring
  • Lore
  • First aid
  • Defense against dark arts
  • Herbalism
  • The art of relic recovery
  • Mechanized automatons and other engineering topics
  • Performing arts
  • Psychology in the modern world
  • Alliance law and jurisprudence
  • And many more!


Are you an expert in your field—and can explain it in simple terms to a knowledge-thirsty audience? SIGN UP! We have spots open throughout the year. Talks should be around 20 minutes (expect about 10 minutes for questions) for 30 minutes total, but feel free to take up to an hour.

To propose a talk:

  • Send a note ((in-game)) to Pommie
  • ((Send an email to shoo+pommie@BlackLotus.info))
  • ((Send a direct message on Twitter to @pommie_tappet))
  • ((Send an ask on Tumblr to pommie-tappet))

NEXT TALK: December 7th, 6pm ((pacific))
TOPIC: Modernization of the Army
BY: Chay Sprocketgear

Q: Wait … what?
A: It's a twice-monthly role-play event where we pretend a lecturer gives a public talk on an academic—but Warcraft- and role-play–related—subject to the general public. Well, the general Alliance. Talks are in the common tongue. Sorry Horde!

Q: Isn't this just like Stormwind University's Literary Conclave?
A: Nope! The Literary Conclave is weekly and is for fiction. The Colloquium Series is monthly and is for non-fiction.

Q: Come on! How is a talk on "The Mechanisms of Druidic Shapeshifting" not fiction?
A: It is fiction for us, the players of World of Warcraft, but it's not fiction for our characters.

Q: Isn't this just the Alliance Medical Association talks?
A: It was inspired by the Alliance Medical Association, certainly! But instead of limiting topics to medicine, Stormwind University embraces all "academic" subjects.

A: That's not a question, but maybe Kezan University will offer a similar series!

Q: This sounds fun! May I do a talk?
A: Sure! See above and look for "To propose a talk".

Q: What if I have a question not listed here?
A: Contact Stormwind University! Visit us on the web at www.Stormwind-University.com or contact any of the officers.
Learning is fun, and knowledge is power!

This is going to be a blast and will be an informative and fun series of events for the year. Hope to see a bunch of faces-- old and new-- at the launch on the 20th. What a great topic! (Titanic Worship and Religion)
Knowing is half the battle!
The other half is not falling prey to an old god . . . or is it superior fire power . . .?
Looking forward to it!
Posted the event up on the weekly event page, and the WRA event calendar on Google. See the links here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/19288658946?page=1

Good luck with the event!
I believe I will be in attendance!
Looking forward to this! I hope my schedule does not clash with the timing of this event, and if it does not, I am sure great fun shall be had. Pommie is a giant (Ho ho ho) of the roleplaying community, and if an event is being ran with her guidance it is sure to be excellent.
((Oh Taizushen, Pommie already has an enormous ego! Please do not add to it!))


The very FIRST colloquium is this week! Wednesday, January 20th at 6pm ((pacific)) time, featuring Oswin on the topic of Titanic Religion.

For more details, see:

→ http://pommie-tappet.tumblr.com/post/136821610741/sus-monthly-colloquium-series-stormwind
Wow! Thank you all for such an amazing turnout at the very first Stormwind University Colloquium talk!

And thank you Oswin for the talk! You were amazing!

Our next talk will be February 17th with Arstan Sangnoir discussing Nerubian Architecture. I'll be posting details once the date nears.

Our next talk is confirmed! Professor Arstan Sangnoir will be speaking on Nerubian and Aqir archaeology, not architecture.

We meet on February 17th at 6pm ((pacific time)) at the Gatehouse east of Darnassus.

For more details:

Sangnoir's talk is this week!

February 17th, 6pm ((pacific time)) at the Gatehouse east of Darnassus.
Here's summary of the talk I'll be giving on the History of Nerubian and Aqir Archaeology:

Shortly before the Black Portal opened, a Nerubian tomb was discovered outside of Stratholme. But the Nerubians had been so thoroughly forgotten in the Eastern Kingdoms that archaeologists concluded that the tomb must have been dug by trolls, and that the mummies inside were those of pet spiders. Nothing could have been farther from the truth: the Nerubians and the trolls had warred over the lands of Lordaeron millenia before they were settled by the elves and humans. This talk reviews those initial discoveries near Stratholme, Farli Darkdelve's controversial work, what we've learned from the Nerubian cities in Northrend,
and the relation of the Nerubians to the other insectoid races, specifically the Qiraji, the mantid, and their forebears, the Aqir.

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 6pm (Pacific) at the gatehouse east of Darnassus.

I am sorry I've missed any of these events, they sound great! I was just wondering, do you keep a log or transcript of these meetings/talks? If not, would you consider it, if the speaker is okay with it? I love this kind of player-driven lore content.
The evening was a blast! Thank you all so much for coming, the topic was fascinating and well researched and all the questions were so well placed. Loved meeting everyone, and I can't wait for the next one of these!
I have published the text of the talk (not quite as good as a transcript, but it was already written!):

<bump because pommie is the coolest gnome ever!>

<tauren hugz on all friendly alliance :) >
I just wanted to take a moment to compliment my colleague Arstan Sangnoir for giving such a fascinating talk! It was not only informative, but quite engaging. The subject mater will fuel my nightmares with skittery, segmented legs for weeks to come, but have given me-- all of us-- much to ponder.

Also a thank you to Pommie for acting as host in this series-- <Stormwind University> is lucky to have you! Both you and Arstan!

See you next time! People, if you want something interesting to do on certain Wednesday evenings, come check out this ongoing lecture series. It's worth your time!
Dear knowledge-hungry people of the Alliance:

Thanks to generous funding and donations to Stormwind University—and with gratitude to the Dean for her approval—I'm happy to announce that the Colloquium Series will now be TWICE MONTHLY throughout the rest of 2016!

Talks will now be on the first and third Wednesday of each month, starting in March and running through to December.

That means our next talk is this week, March 2nd, at the 6th bell (and in the usual place). (I will scrounge up a speaker ASAP!)

((Updated posts above to reflect new schedule.))
Speaker secured for March 2nd!

The next public talk will be by: Marrion MacHarren, Ph.D.

Title: Strange Mechanisms: the Evolution of Magics within Design and Robotics

Place: Upper floor of the gatehouse east of Darnassus

Time: the 6th bell of the evening ((6pm pacific/server time, 7pm mountain, 8pm central, 9pm eastern))

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