[H] Aggro Culture(18+) - Legion Recruiting!

Bleeding Hollow
Aggro Culture is an 18+ (most of us are somewhere between 25 - 40), Casual, Laid Back Raiding Guild. We do try to focus on boss fights and such, but overall this is just a game for just about all of us and we don't take it overly serious.

Only interested in Mythic+ Dungeons? No problem, feel free to join!

Not looking to do any group content, but looking for an active guild to join? Perfect! We have plenty of room for you!

Additionally, we dont have any PvP groups right now, but if there is enough interest then there is a possibility that we will have some in Legion. If you are only interested in PvP, you are welcome to join as well though.


For those that are interested in raiding,

We are currently working on putting together our raid group for Legion and we could use a few additional raiders!

Our current raids are a little more laid back as we approach the end of the xpac, but we do intend to take raiding a little more seriously in Legion, while maintaining the casual laid back atmosphere that we currently have.


We raid two days a week on Tuesday/Thursday from 8:30 - 11:30 EST. Loot is awarded via /roll MS>OS, though in Legion we will likely be moving to something different so we can distribute loot a little more fairly.

Currently we are looking for the following for Legion

DPS - Accepting most classes - Ranged Heavily Preferred (Mage, Shadow Priest, Ele Sham). Could also use a Ret Paladin and a Fury/Arms Warrior.

For more information contact one of us

Pipology - Pipology#1845
Sharrq - Sharrq#1244
Hello, Its my first day back in months. I can play either DPS or Tank (I have a warrior as well) I'm interested in your guild, looking forward to speaking with you
Sure, send me or pip a message or a friend request and we can chat.
bump, were raiding tonight.
I have several toons on BH and would be willing to join, when the realms are up i'll try to whisper you.
Good morning! Resubbed last month since 2011 and have been gearing back up for raiding. 710 MM Hunter on west server Tichondrius but am from Ohio so I have been looking to transfer to an eastern server.

I am looking to raid but with a more casual approach. I have only been raiding heroic HFC, i think 9/12 heroic?

Anyways I am looking for a fun group to play and raid with! Thanks for considering me.
Welcome back to the game!

It sounds like we might be just what you are looking for. As I had mentioned before, we had a full group until a bunch of our raiders got bored with the game and decided to unsub until legion. Since then we have been recruiting not only to finish out Warlords but also in preparation for Legion. We are a pretty casual raiding guild and because of this we only raid twice a week (Tuesday/Thursday). Additionally (incase you are looking us up on wowprogress and only seeing 8/13H) not all of our raid group is on Bleeding Hollow, we have a group of people that have been raiding with us for months consistently and we consider them part of our guild but they arent on our server/in our guild so we didnt meet the min number of guild players to count as a "guild group". A bunch of those people are starting to transfer over to our server so that will likely be changing soon.
Sounds like you're right up my alley! I added your battletags. I am:


Looking forward to speaking more with you.
bump, still looking for people, especially DPS
bump, now 13/13H, also doing regular Normal HFC Alt Runs on Saturdays starting at 8:30 EST.
Bump, Looking for DPS of just about every class, 13/13H Casual Raiding Guild.

Add me in game for more info.
I have a bunch of alts though would be interested in raiding on my hunter she's 711 atm and working on the tomes for ring, I'd also be bringing my 718 ilvl hpally(offspec 710 prot) over with that hunter. I'm 13/13h experienced coming back after a bit of a break. Definitely would be interested in joining up. I'll add you guys later tonight when I get on to chat some more.
Bump, looking for more DPS and Heals to fill up our roster!
Hi, I'm a 702 Arcane Mage looking for a guild to escape the horrors of pugs, I raided semi-hardcore throughout all of cata then ended up resorting to casual raiding because of time. I've been able to pug up to 9/13 on normal but I know I'm more than ready for heroic, but my ilvl restricts me from getting into most heroic pugs.

Point is, I'm back and looking to get back in it, i have a very flexible schedule. I also have a 695 resto druid which I'm working on simultaniously. Terribawlls#1263 is my tag.

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