Clan Of The Burning Hand

Hello Garona(Horde), It's Been A While.

I started playing on your server after it being suggested back in November 2004. I had a Rogue at the time named Virus and was my main thru out vanilla. I was in a guild called Dark Cobras during leveling then during Onyxia, MC and BWL i became a member of COTBH until it fell apart around the end of vanilla which was when i moved to Illidan.

I was just wondering if any ex members of the guild are still playing, i still have screenshots of our first kill of Chromaggus in BWL good times.

I hope everyone is well and it's nice to take a trip down memory lane.
Sadly, I believe that the guild was disbanded July 25th, 2010. However, a player named "Pitdemon" was seen within the guild before it disbanded, although now he is in a guild named "Zug Zug". Perhaps you could ask him if he knows any of your old friends?
yo I am still here and playin tho I took time off for personal reasons
there are a few of us still playin pitdemon is in touch w/me all the time . U can message me thru the zugzug guild anythime
Hey Virus,
I remember raiding with you, but not sure if you remember me. I played an orc warrior named Rainer. I definitely remember a lot of good people in that guild that were awesome to raid with.

I still, to this day play with a lot of people that use to play Garona during launch, but most of them were from the alliance side.
Hey Rainer, this is Rocko from Garona. We were in Clan of the Burning Hand together back in the day. Nice to see your still around.

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